Top Sellers for the Week of 10/11

Top Sellers for the Week of 10/11-10/17

1. Red Aspen – Looking for some cute new colors for fall? These two new collections just launched  this week! Also make sure to checkout their other cute fall colors + halloween patterns! $13-$15 for a 2 week manicure! The best!

2. Stanley – I was surprised at how many of you also grabbed these at checkout with your adventure quenchers! Good job remembering, I totally tunnel vision during those launches haha. All colors are currently available in the 20 oz. These are what we travel with and what the kids take to school!

3. ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Duo & Travel Matrix is back on sale at QVC for a crazy good deal. Valued at $334.50 and you can get it for $99.00!!Try codes HOLIDAY, HELLO10, or NEW to get an additional $10 off!!

4. Modere – I have been taking this collagen since last September. Over a year now. I love it and it’s a major reason my hair is growing so fast! The convenience of having it in the fridge and that you don’t have to mix it up makes me love it even more. Burn I take before I eat.. it helps burn calories and gives you a little energy boost! Use code: TARA for $10 off.

5. Sleep mask – I’ve had this for years now and I forget how good it is until I wear it and sleep in ’till 10am. It’s totally dark and doesn’t put any pressure on your eyes (so no waking up with headaches or smooshed lashes).

6. Shine pink products – So many PINK SHINE favorites went out this week  while they were donating to cancer research! Proud of you guys!! You can always use code TARA to save 10%… goals, bloom  glosses and reverie + belle lip velvet have held spots on the top sellers here since I did the collab with shine to make them!

7. Slippers – Man these puppies are so comfy! I love wearing slippers around my house, especially when it starts getting cold outside. These ones are great and are only $13!  BUUUUT you also have to see these cheetah ones I have if you’re loving this sherpa trend. I am madly in love with these. They’re so dang comfy + the bottoms are hard soled so you can easily wear them to go anywhere you wanted.

8. Coconu – They don’t hunt me down in Mexico to introduce me to their husband as the lube lady for nothing… this stuff is thaaaaat good. I totally recommend buying the set first to see which you like the best. It’s already discounted, plus my code: TARA will save you extra!

9. Cocofloss – Cocofloss is amazing for more than one reason… 1) it’s CUTE! 2) flavored floss, yes please 3) it actually WORKS! You should browse the info section of their website. It’s full of really great info/comparisons to other products. It’s super fascinating and will make you wanna switch over asap! Code TARAFLOSSY20 will save you 20%!

10. mask straps – Emery & Anisten are back taking orders again and staying busy making them while we are down here in St. George. I’m so proud of them for sticking with their little biz even now that they are back at in-person school and Em is so busy with cheer! #PROUDMOM

11. Gabb Watch – Let’s talk tech! We’ve swapped both boys over to a phone-watch.. after trying a few of them, we landed on Gabb watches and it’s been great. We’ve tried the phone route, we tried the gizmo watches and Gabb is where it’s at. I have a 30% off code to share with you guys if you think it’ll be a good fit for your family… Code: TARA or just use my link! My code ends this month.