Valentine’s Day Gift Guide #Treatyoself

I love Valentine’s Day and the gift giving can be fun but I also think it’s really important to #treatyoself.

Buying yourself something nice is a luxury – but often well deserved and I’ll be the first to admit that I love getting something for myself! Especially when it comes to creature comforts like a new pajama set or getting my nails done!

Here is my top 10 list for your very own Valentine’s Day gift – or awesome options for Galentines as well!

My Top 10 Gifts

1. We don’t wear shoes in our home so these slippers are key to keeping my toes warm – plus we have hard floors throughout our house so these save my back AND look cute!

2. This is the one perfume I keep coming back to. In fact, I chased down a woman on the street just to ask her about it! 

3. I love jewelry that is classic, timeless, and goes with everything! This ring stack from Madewell is simple, with a mix of silver and gold – with enough bling for the woman who needs a little sparkle and plain bands for those just needing rings in a supporting role. I love these stacked altogether or individually!

4. If I could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life it would be these pajamas. Super soft, comfy, modest, and halfway presentable when you’ve got houseguests. I have these in a few colors now and love all of the options!

5. This Barefoot Dreams Leopard-Print blanket is my go-to travel, bed, and personal snuggle blanket. It’s a bit pricey but absolutely my favorite throw. It keeps it’s original softness and is chic enough to be seen with in public!

6. I’ve been investing in microdermabrasion for this last year at Elase and it’s totally transformed my skin. This BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Tool is an at-home option that can be used in place of pricey spa visits or between treatments to keep costs down! I totally recommend this for deeper product penetration and faster cell turnover!

7. One of my mini-luxuries is getting my nails done or doing them myself. I love this lamp to cure my gel nails (under $40) and I use this top and bottom coat. I plan to do an entire blog post on all my nail tools/polishes but in the meantime, I love this color selection of minis from Gelish. These are a great option for do-it-yourself gel manicures and are easily filed or soaked off!

8. Ear crawlers aren’t a very cute name for these gorgeous earrings but I buy them anyway! It adds a bit more glitz and glamour to any outfit and funky enough to make me feel like I have a really unique piece on. There are so many different options and I love how it gives the illusion of multi-pierced ear without the extra pain! If diamonds aren’t your thing, there are so many options: vines, stars, and bars.

9. Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without chocolate covered cinnamon bears! I love the V Chocolate ones but if $20 for a handful of candy doesn’t seem worth it, I totally love the Sweets Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears. Super fresh, yummy chocolate, and soft cinnamon gummies!

10. An Ice Roller might not seem like an obvious #treatyoself item but trust me, ice rolling is the best thing for your skin and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Cold temperatures cause constriction in the skin, resulting in a shrinking effect on the appearance of pores and blood vessels, creating a smoother, more even-toned surface over time. Cold treatments can also soothe inflammation and irritation, which is perfect for those who experience sensitivity or redness in their skin.

Happy Valentine’s Day shopping and tell me below if you end up getting any (or all) of these favorites!


xx Tara!

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