Weekly Faves

It’s that time of the week! Here’s what you loved:

1. Red Aspen Nails – You know my love for these nails. The New Years collection dropped and I’m obsessed.

2. Hailee Set – They restocked this set in a few colors, grab it while ya can! I’m wearing an XS here.

3. Shine BB Cream – I wear this every day, the best BB cream I’ve found that makes your skin look glowy. It’s not full coverage so it’s perfect for your basic makeup routine! Code TARA for 10% off sitewide.

4. Perk Energy – This gives me the kick in the knees I sometimes need in the morning! Plus, it tastes super good and is low calorie.

5. Checkered Joggers – On sale for under $30 right now! I bought these last Spring. So cute with a graphic tee and some sneakers.

6. Geometry Towels – There Valentine’s Day collection just launched and the new designs are amazing. I don’t know how they do it, but they seem to get better and better every year! Code TARA for 15% off.

7. Scout Bags – These were on sale at Zulily and a bunch of you snagged them! They fit so much stuff and are the perfect beach bag, I fit 7 towels and snack in one bag this summer.

8. Oxy-Powder – The magic poop pills. These have changed my life. If you have a hard time pooping I always recommend them. The bottle says to take 4, but I never take that many. 1 maybe 2 and they word within 8ish hours.

9. New Balance 327 Sneakers – These are out of stock now, but man are they cute. I typically post about then when the restock so keep your eyes peeled if ya want them!

10. Marble Board Games – I bought a bunch of these for a couple of friends and family. We have been playing nonstop! It’s so fun.