What I bought in Amazon in October


Wall Climbing Race Car – the boys think this are sooo fun.

Fidget Toys – Trying out a different toy besides pop-its! The boys have enjoyed them.

Smiley Face Slippers – Got these for Emery for her birthday, she loves them!!

Smiley Face Slides – These are sooo comfy and have so much cushion!

AirPods Case – Part of Emery’s birthday gift! 🙂

Amber Perfume – This is a dupe for the riddle oil original and it smells soooo good.

Stuffed Animals – PENNIE! Haha.

Daisy Beaded Rings – Got this for Emery’s birthday, they’re so dang cute! She loves them.

Odor Eliminator – whyyyyyy do feet sweat and smell?? It should be illegal.


Ladle – I’ve shared this a bunch. It’s the best one out there… it has measurements on it.

Fairlife Protien Shake – Braun’s fave. We stock the gym fridge with this.

Fridge Filters – Haha, super lame but you get it all here.

Gluten Free Mix – I’ve said it a million times, but this stuff really is the absolute best gluten free baking mix out there.


Beading Wire – mask straps

Bead Kit – mask straps

Polymailers – mask strap shipping

Holographic Packaging – mask straps

Clasps – mask straps

Star Wars Fuse Beads – for the boys

Super Hero Fuse Beads – for the boys

Perler Bead kit – for the boys

Safety Cutter – way better than scissors for kids

Dog Tag Resin Mold – Part of Em’s birthday gift!

Dog Tag Resin Mold – Part of Em’s birthday gift!

Wax String – Part of Em’s birthday gift!

Alphabet Resin Molds – Part of Em’s birthday gift!

Cute Clay Confetti Slices – Part of Em’s birthday gift!

Chunky Glitter – Part of Em’s birthday gift!

Silicone Craft Mat – Part of Em’s birthday gift!

Spacer Beads – mask straps

Crystal Clear Resin Kit – Part of Em’s birthday gift!

Resin Tools – Part of Em’s birthday gift!

Clay Sprinkles – Part of Em’s birthday gift!


I know this isn’t super exciting now that halloween passed, but we loved alllll of it. Those skulls were hard to get, they’ve restocked now but might be a good idea to buy now for next year if you have the storage! 🙂

Missing Body Parts Gummies

Giant Spiders


Smaller Spiders

Dash’s Body Suit

Fire Pit Skull

Mike Wazowski T-shirt


iPhone 13 Privacy Screen – I used to go to the mall for this, but it’s so much cheaper and waaaay less time to do it at home. It’s super easy.

Split King Bed Sheets – Tried these for our split king bed, the ones made by the bed company are expensive! These are a great option.

Makeup Mirror for Vehicle – The beast doesn’t have any mirrors, WTH. We had to order a couple of these and they’re great!

Barf Bags – anyone else keep these in your vehicles?? Haha.

Printer Cable – USB-C!