Holiday Gift Guide for Teens & Tweens

Okay… I have soooo many ideas for this one, so bare with me here! πŸ™‚ This has been my favorite age to shop for by far.

  1. Silk Pillow Case – it’s never too early to start a good skincare routine, pillow case included! My girls both use these.
  2. Jewelry Case – This is a cute little small shop on Etsy! πŸ™‚ My girls have used these for a while now. The smaller one is great if they’re just starting their collection. These are also super easy to travel with.
  3. Poloroid Camera – This has been one of my girls’ favorite things, they’ve had it for a couple of years now. Urban Outfitters has the cutest exclusive colors.
  4. Camera Bag – This fits the above camera perfectly, also available at Urban Outfitters for one stop shopping..
  5. Camera Accessories – The vinyl decals, the photo albums, film.. this would be such a fun big gift for a teen πŸ™‚
  6. Heating Pad – My girls asked for this… basically works like a bed warmer haha
  7. Backpack Speaker – this little speaker hooks to backpacks and is bluetooth!
  8. Earrings – these are cute huggie earrings from Madewell. Emery loved them! She has them in silver and gold.
  9. TASSI – Perfect for their skincare routine, keeps their hair out of their face! Emery loves it.
  10. TULA Skincare – This is our favorite skincare, both girls use it.. It’s never too early to start!
  11. Smiley Slides – these are on the way for Emery, she’s had the non-smiley version forever and loves them.
  12. DIME – another really amazing clean beauty company. Emery and I both use the brow + lash boost daily. It’s the only lash boost I’d trust on her! Code: TARA20 will work!
  13. Ring light + tripod – these days this probably gets used a bunch for TikToks haha, I heavily regulate my girls’ social media. They love doing these dances with their friends + cousins
  14. Hanging Chair – a zen little spot in the girls’ bedrooms.
  15. Billie Razor – teen is a weiiiiird age, they’re probably already shaving, thinking about it + going to need to soon. You might as well start them out with this one, it’s the best of the best and they won’t need shave gel and they’ll avoid razor burn.
  16. Tobiq Travel Duffle – This is the ultimate bag for sports, travel, overnights, you name it. Code TARA will save you 20% during the holiday season! πŸ™‚
  17. Converse – Emery wants these in the worst way
  18. Sports Bra – this is the only sports bra my girls will wear… if you want to know their other faves, there’s a blog post HERE.
  19. Ring Tray – how cute is this aloe ring tray?? Em wears a ton of rings!
  20. Daisy Rings – Speaking of rings, these are some of her faves. They’re pretty inexpensive on amazon but the quality is great.
  21. Perfume – This one is subtle but good!
  22. Crocs – My whole family lives in these!!
  23. Gua Shua Tool – Both girls and I use these in our skincare routines.
  24. Urban Outfitters Sweatpants – the comfiest sweats
  25. Big Kids Kiwi Co – these keep all my kids busy. You buy by age, so it’ll be fun for them. Code THUESON will save you 30%!
  26. Wireless Charging Bank – I make Emery and Anisten carry this anywhere they go, honestly, you never know. They’re the worst at making sure their phones are fully charged sometimes and I would hate for them to be in a situation to need a phone and it be dead.
  27. Makeup/Travel Bags – These are the cutest and so handy with traveling. They’re washable too

  1. Shine – Shine products are perfect for teen/tween. They’re made with good ingredients + are cruelty free. My girls love a bunch of stuff from here, but the gloss is their fave! πŸ™‚ Code: TARA
  2. Hair Ties – these won’t tug hair when they take them out!
  3. Perfume – another perfume my girls love
  4. Bow Scrunchies – Perfect for a quick messy bun or pony look
  5. Hair Towels – My whole family really loves these.. They dry hair so quick! It works perfect on short hair or super long and thick hair like my cute nieces!
  6. Eye Mask – These silk masks are great for sleep or travel, I got these for my girls last year.
  7. Red Aspen – Soooo many things you could get your teen from here, my girls both love nail dashes! One box gets them two manis, or Aniston and I can share a box.
  8. Goosebumps Blanket – these blankets are perfect for anyone, but my girls love them. They fold up super small so they take them with them everywhere they go… they’re super stretchy and light weight but warm enough.
  9. Stanley IceFlow – the girls both use these for school + Em fills hers up for cheer. We travel with them too!
  10. Thread Wallets Lanyard – Em wanted a lanyard for her AirPods and grabbed a thread wallets one.. they have the CUTEST stuff!!
  11. The COMFY – Anisten is begging for one of these now that Emery got one for her birthday.. all of my kids are stealing hers!!
  12. Lululemon Belt Bag – My girls have loved these when we are on vacation, at parks, etc. Especially in Vegas. They’re so convenient.
  13. Loopy Cases – Tired of replacing screens?? haha. Try one of these cases to eliminate drops!! Code TARA10 for one or TARA15 on multiple. there are so many good options.
  14. Nomination Bracelets – this is where I got everything for Emery!
  15. Brixley Crossbody – this comes in a bunch of cute colors.. you can use code TARA10 for 10% off. Their packing cubes are the cutest too.
  16. Shop Andi Watch Bands – these are Anisten’s favorite watch bands.. Code TARA15 will save you 15% πŸ™‚
  17. Shop Andi Accessories – they have the cutest hair accessories and little earrings!! Code TARA15 will save you 15% πŸ™‚
  18. Birkenstocks – I think everyone in our family owns these..
  19. Twinkle Lights – The girls begged me for these a few years ago and they still love them!!
  20. Beading Kits – Honestly when we started beading I didn’t expect the girls to start running a successful biz, but here we are almost two years later! Wild. Here is the link to our beading blog post.. and if you’re looking for anything specific, check out all of my amazon blog posts and it’s probably in there.
  21. Nike Sneakers – Anisten has these super cute Nikes in pink and says they’re way comfy.
  22. Baggu Sling Purse – super cute little bag. Emery has this on her wishlist.
  23. Instax Printer – My girls love this, you can print pictures out from your phone!!
  24. Necklace Holder – This is super cute to hold all of your teen’s necklaces, also helpful so you don’t have to spend hours untangling them ha.
  25. Cork Boards – These are cute to pin notes, pictures, to do lists, event tickets, you name it!
  26. Backpack – This is one of Anisten’s favorite backpacks. She had it for school last year.
  27. Barefoot Dreams Dupe – This is the closest you’ll find to the barefoot dreams blanket everyone loves, and it’s a fraction of the price.
  28. Tall Mirror – This mirror in brass is super cute!!
  29. Record Player – I was so surprised to see that a record player + records were on Emery’s list this year, but also so excited.
  30. Records – Urban Outfitters has a great selection of records your teen will love!
  31. Amazon Echo – great for music + drop ins. I basically use them like an intercom system from anywhere haha.
  32. 3m Hooks – Got these for the girls so they can hang their necklaces on their walls and not pile them on the counters. These ones are also super cute and a little chunkier.
  33. Smiley Slippers – Emery got these for her birthday and she loves them!