Winter Gear at Backcountry

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The boys? THRILLED that the day we arrived home from Mexico we were welcomed with 18″ of fresh snow.. Me on the other hand? Not so much. I could stay in the warm weather all winter and not be sad about that. I knew it was about time I pulled together all of the winter gear and organize it so it’s not a total hot mess every single day this winter with gear flying everywhere as the boys look for the one glove they misplaced the day before, but I wasn’t really ready to do it just yet. They gave me no option though.. They immediately wanted out in that snow yesterday morning — luckily their new Backcountry gear had come in so I wasn’t having to dig around for everything!

Jett’s Snowsuit + Boots | Dash’s Snowsuit + Boots | Braun’s Jacket + Boots

If you need to stock up on any winter gear or last minute gifts, I have a code with Backcountry again! It’s TARABC15 and will save you 15% off on your first order on full price items (some exclusions apply)… but even better, a ton of their site is marked down up to 40% off on Backcountry exclusives or up to 60% off on other items, so it’s the perfect time to shop! There’s only two days left to grab items while ensuring delivery by 12/24 with free shipping. After that, you’ll need to upgrade.

Jett’s Snowsuit + Boots | Dash’s Snowsuit + Boots

It’s still the easiest thing for everyone for the boys to have a full snow suit. Anyone else with me on this?!? No snow up the back (yep, even with bibs) or down the pants when doing whatever it is boys do to get snow everywhere it doesn’t belong. I mean, there’s still up the pant leg and down the back but that’s unavoidable without putting them in an actual bubble (which sometimes I wish I could do, haha!) Here’s some of our favorite warm gear for the boys:

  1. Jett’s Snowsuit – This one is made by Burton. It has a room to grow feature which is nice! Hopefully it’ll have enough extra to still fit him next year. I bet it will! Also has reinforced knees + butt and elastic cuffs, which is a necessity for Jett.
  2. Dash’s Snowsuit – This is his snowsuit we got him this year. The material is infiniDRY and is supposed to basically stay dry no matter what!! It’s really lightweight, but still super warm. Elastic cuffs on this as well! If you’re a skier – the hood is compatible with a helmet.
  3. Winter Jacket – because snowsuits aren’t practical all of the time, here is my favorite winter jacket I’ve ever bought for the boys.
  4. Colombia Snowsuit – another. great snowsuit option! We’ve had this in the past.
  5. Jett’s Boots – Love these because they’re shorter for him! Sorels are our family’s favorite.
  6. Dash’s Boots – we love, love, love sorels in this house. They’re basically the only winter boots we wear.
  7. Carhartt Sweatshirt – Bought this for Dash in black
  8. Beanies – these COAL beanies are great. We’ve had them many years in a row!
  9. Gloves or Mittens – these match Jett’s snowsuit. They’re made by Burton.
  10. Fleece Jackets – these are thin and great for layering. The boys like them. Here is another option that is similar if your kiddo’s size isn’t available.
  11. Bib Snow Pants – If I had to pick snow pants for the boys, they would be bibs. Linking all the boy’s bibs backcountry has here.
  12. Bogs boots – in years past we’ve used BOG boots which are also great!! 🙂 Here are bogs for toddlers/little kids + bogs for big kids!

Jett’s Snowsuit + Boots | Dash’s Snowsuit + Boots | Braun’s Jacket + Boots

Hey look! It’s Braun in a color other than black.. are you shocked!?! Haha. He loves this jacket – and actually a lot of his winter faves come in colors other than black. I’ll link some below! 🙂

  1. Braun’s Jacket – this is the one he’s wearing in the color mulch brown. It’s waterproof and warm, but if you’re going to be outside for hours and hours you should wear layers with it – like this one.
  2. Backcountry Jacket – Braun got this last year in black! Here’s a similar one, we love Stoic brand!
  3. Short Sorel Boots – This is the pair he got this year that he said are the most comfortable boots he’s ever walked in
  4. Tall Sorel Boots – these are his go-to boots if the snow is deep. He’s also had these in the past, but the XT’s are warmer.
  5. Slippers – cold feet are the worst, especially inside. We all love UGG slippers.
  6. Beanie – Braun loves a good beanie. He’s had the COAL brand for years too!

Short Sorel Boots (his FAVORITE!!) | Patagonia Pullover | Sorel Boots

They managed to get me out in the snow for a few minutes, there’s something a little magical about that first snowfall that I wanted to enjoy with them (for a very brief amount of time….brrrr). Sorry boys, I didn’t want in on the snowball fight. I quickly ordered a new jacket after a glimpse at yesterday. Here’s a few of my winter favorites:

  1. Northface Jacket – Emery and I have this in black
  2. Stoic Jacket – Just ordered this in green for this winter! I have had stoic jackets for years now. They are great quality. This one is on major sale. If you’re not into longer jackets, here’s the short version.
  3. Long Northface Jacket – I’ve had this in years past and it was great! Love the green color.
  4. Patagonia Fleece Jacket – this is the one I have in three colors/patterns. The fit is great, TTS. This backcountry one is super cute too, and has a hood.
  5. Reversible Sherpa Jacket – this one looks so cozy! Wish I would’ve seen it when I ordered my jacket haha!
  6. Slippers – barefoot in the winter is not an option for me haha! I actually rarely go barefoot inside regardless of the season.
  7. Sorel Boots – These are the boots I got this year and I really love them. fit TTS and are super comfy. The height is great. I’ve had these ones in the past and loved them too!
  8. Sherpa Jacket – I got this jacket a couple of years ago and I can’t wait to break it out again this year. It’s so cozy.

If you’ve got snow, I hope your babies are loving it as much as mine are!! If you’re needing winter gear – there’s no time like now to stock up! The holiday sales are all winding down and all the best deals are right now. If something is full price – my code TARABC15 should work for 15% off on your first order (some exclusions do apply), but Backcountry’s deals are crazy good right now. If you’re shopping for someone and you don’t know much about the things they love (skiing, hiking, etc) the gearheads are SO dang helpful and knowledgeable and available 24/7 via chat.