Ugly sweaters and yummy treats!

Partnership with Walmart Fashion

‘Tis the season for ugly sweaters, last minute shopping + lots of treats, amiright??? Walmart has us all covered for all of the above (and SO much more), which is one reason I love shopping with them so much!!!

My Sweater | Anisten’s Sweater | Emery’s Sweater

I love a good ugly sweater party, but sometimes finding a good ugly sweater that’s still somewhat cute and not ridiculously tacky can prove to be rather difficult. Walmart has a huge selection online and they shipped SUPER fast too, so there is 100% still time to get one!

Anisten’s Sweater | Emery’s Sweater

I’m pretty confident that I could give them trash bags and they’d figure out a way to make them look cute, so it’s no surprise they look adorable in their ugly sweaters. No Boundaries brand definitely has the cutest ugly options for juniors, as well as the widest variety! If you look at Walmart’s website there are a ton of retailers, but No Boundaries is sold and shipped by Walmart and sold in stores so you’ve got the best chance of getting it quickly or doing buy online, pickup options. Most of them come in sizes XS-XXXL!

I’ve also had a million questions on my Christmas tree… it’s dang old. We’ve had it for years now, but Walmart has some super similar options as well as non-flocked options! 🙂 I’ll link a bunch of them below. I tried to include all sizes in here – just pay close attention to that as you’re tree shopping. PS… a lot of them are on sale!

and don’t forget a tree bag to store it in!!

and ornament storage…

….and wrapping paper storage

Walmart has SO many decor options, they have organized them on their site so well.. color scheme, indoor/outdoor, party supplies, baking stuff, you name it… It’s all HERE. Plus, most of it is currently discounted!

My Sweater | Emery’s Sweater

Emery is the best sport when it comes down to pictures, she sure loves to put her full energy into it. It’s the best. My sweater is actually a men’s sweater.. but it should be labeled unisex I think! ha. I got the small. The present pocket is so fun! My neighbor dropped off Pecan Rolls in the middle of this shoot and that’s what is hiding in there!! haha. I’ll put a bunch of sweater options you can tap through below — and then the recipe you’ll need for holiday parties below that! 🙂


Every year like clockwork my neighbor delivers these delicious pecan rolls to me… Here’s a recipe you have to try and let me know what you think!

I’ve never tried to make them, because they’re always gifted to me (thank gosh!). They look a little complicated, but the end result will be worth it – I promise ya they’re so good!! If this is too much, you NEED to try my gooey caramel corn recipe!! That is SO yummy. Whatever you decide to make for this year’s parties, hope it’s delicious and you have the most fun. This time of year is so special, soak it all up!