5 Tips For Perfect Fall Hair

Is anyone else besides me wondering where October went? I distinctly remember it being September just the other day and tomorrow is November…October just completely disappeared this year!

Despite missing the kick-off to fall, I did jump into fall with both feet and went red!

Guys! I am a redhead now. Every time I color my hair it wants to go red. It fights to go red! So this time we decided to give in and go full-on fall.

Regardless of how you feel about the change in seasons, the good news for everyone is that fall is prime-time to switch up your look and try some new things. And that means it’s time to start shopping to update your stash accordingly.

But before you Google yourself into oblivion looking around for the latest and greatest hair products and trends, take a breath and keep scrolling because I’ve got 5 ways you can switch up your hair for fall! I’m talking coloring your hair, clever new styling tools, conditioners of every imaginable kind, and everything you need to hydrate those dry ends. This is one fall and winter that your hair is going to flourish in!

And the best part? They’re all things you have at home or can pick up at your local Walmart!


1) Try non-heat hairstyles

A good way to avoid over-blow-drying is to airdry your hair first to get a good amount of the moisture out and then do a quick blast of air to get the rest out. A lot of people don’t use the nozzle attachment, but if you do, you can switch your blow-dryer to the low setting and still smooth your hairline — and the rest of your hair — without full heat. I have a TON of breakage around my hairline so this tip really helps! Cutting your hot-styling sessions down to twice a week can really help. You can always use braids or bendy rods to give damp or dry hair texture without heat. Emery has naturally curly hair (more on that in a bit) but Anisten is straight-city central. The foam bendy rods are a great way to go to bed and wake up with fun curls! Using a leave-in conditioner like It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner will help your hair stay hydrated. In fact, it’s one of the 3 products we can’t live without!

2) Embrace your curls

If you’ve been following along, you know that Emery has been in curly hair rehab for the past month or two. Straightening your hair all through the summer has probably done a number on your hair! If you’ve got a natural wave or curl, there are so many great products out there to help tame and train those babies into the perfect beach waves or springy curls.

1st off, she’s been laying off the shampoo. Sounds crazy but it works. Instead, she’s been using alternative products that still clean but don’t have the harsh chemicals that are present in traditional shampoos. If you are looking to do the same, you should check out the DevaCurl products. The Low-Poo mid-lather Shampoo is really fantastic and is followed up One Condition Conditioner. If you’re just starting out, they have a trio kit that is a great introduction to the curly hair lifestyle! I’ll do an entire blog post about her curls – the transformation really has been incredible!

3) Extend Your Blowout

I’ve done an entire blog post on extending your blowout that you can read to learn the exact steps, but the one thing I wanted to touch upon here is that in the fall, your hair is recouping from the harsh summer. Laying off the heat (which I touched upon in step 1) is hard to do. But if you learn how to extend your blowout or even what products to use to make it look like your hair is fresh and flowing, your hair is going to look and feel so much better! I gave a rundown of my favorite dry shampoos and Baptiste is still at the top! It’s got styling ingredients that add volume, thickness, and texture.


The can may look like a throwback, but there is nothing outdated about Batiste’s formula. The lemon-scented spray bulks up hair fibers for a completely refreshed look. It appears white at first spritz, but run your fingers or a brush through your hair, and the powder is undetectable. It’s what revived Anisten’s 3-day old hair!


4) Try new hair tools!

You know we love a good hair tool in this house but I’ve been super excited to talk about the newest one we picked up, the Chi Air Spin N Curl.

As my girls get older, they want their hair done more often than not. And having hair tools that are simple for them to use is really important. Right off the bat, I was hesitant. The tool’s design only made me question it further. It’s a large wand with no visible curling barrel in sight. “Tulip-shaped” is the polite way to describe the open-mouthed contraption with an internal iron. I was immediately reminded of the man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors (“Feed me, Seymour!”).

But we pushed forward and tried it out on Anisten’s straight hair. Strands of hair are vacuumed into the tool’s curling chamber and wound around an internal rotating iron. Then they’re released as loose, spiraling waves in a matter of seconds. And after trying it on Anisten, I agree with the majority of the other reviews I’ve read: This iron looks crazy, but it actually works.

Instead of giving her perfect ringlets, it produced lovely, soft curls that loosened into these gorgeous beachy waves! We didn’t use a ton of hairspray but we did a spritz before and then directly after curling.

Given Anisten’s fine, straight hair, it didn’t take much coaxing to get her hands in and out of the tool. I sectioned her hair into one-inch pieces (smaller sections is key) that the iron wound around its internal barrel with the press of a button.

With a normal curling iron, it’s sometimes hard to tell when a curl had set, but the Spin N Curl emitted four short beeps to let me know it was ready. The barrel automatically released her hair, and I barely had to move it to unleash a neatly wound curl.

We totally love this new tool! It’s definitely one we’ll be using a ton!


5) Switch up your hair color

This one’s a total no-brainer and I have to say, I am loving being a redhead. Give your hair a break from the bleach or add some highlights if you’ve been dark for a while. Your skin is most likely changing color because you aren’t spending 24/7 out in the sun and a new hue can totally transform your hair and your look. The one thing I suggest if you’re going to color your hair is to work in a hair masque at least once a week. Even if you’re going dark, coloring is hard on your hair. Show it some TLC with one of my favorites – The Unite 7Seconds Masque!

• • • • • • • • •

So head to your local Walmart or hop online where most items that qualify for free 2-day shipping on orders $35+ are also eligible for free returns! And with Walmart’s For Every Beauty campaign, they truly have something for everyone who is in the process of defining their own beauty.

Xx Tara

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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