Beauty: Extending Your Blowout

Don’t get me wrong, I love freshly washed hair as much as the next girl!

But sometimes, I either don’t have time to do a full wash or I just got it done and I want to preserve someone else’s hard work for a few more days before I have to redo it!

And that’s where dry shampoo comes to the rescue. It helps give deflated, oily hair new life and great texture, works wonders on post-gym hair, and keeps my hair just clean enough to save me from a good shampooing for an entire week!


Plus, if you are rocking color-treated (especially bleached) hair, dry shampoo is a great way to give your hair a break from shampoo and heat styling.

And, you don’t need to spend above $10 to get one that works really well! So I partnered with Walmart and tried a bunch, put them to the 5-8 day no-wash test, and I definitely have my favorite! But more than that, I’m showing you how you too can extend your wash!

It Starts Out Innocent

Most extended dirty-hair stories start innocently enough. Mine usually go something like this:

  • Day 1: I wash and style my hair
  • 2-3: I refresh my curls because they look good and only a crazy person rewashes their hair so soon
  • Day 4-6: It’s touch-and-go but I get the kids off, sit down and work, and before I know it, it’s 3 pm and way too late (and unnecessary) to wash my hair. Dry shampoo to the rescue.
  • Day 7-8: It’s hail mary time. I’ve got zero time to worry about the stuff growing out of my head. I make copious use of braids and half-ponies. Dry shampoo is definitely part of the plan from early morning on. And after 3 days of constant use, my hair has almost gone full circle and is acting like I just washed it.

A Slippery SLope

Listen, I fully plan on washing my hair sooner (and sometimes I follow through before day 8). But then life happens or my hair looks good but I promise myself I’ll wash it tomorrow and, well, I choose much-needed sleep and time with my family over normal a hair washing routine. Then, things snowball.

That’s about the time I jump on the ol’ IG and tell announce to my followers: “Guys, I haven’t washed my hair in five days.”

Hair tools

Day 1 Hair

It’s all your fault

And you know what? I get not one or two but DOZENS of “your hair looks great today” compliments that make me think I can make it 1 more day…or 3. Maybe one or two or you are horrified, but the rest of you want to know how I do it — so here it is…

Day 1: Fresh Blowout

So you’ve done the hard work, you’re looking your best and you want to keep your hair looking god while preserving your arms from another killer blowout and curling session happening too soon. The last thing you want to do is sleep for 8+ hours on a fresh blowout. Unless you know the tricks.

Sleeping On Your Blowout

Step 1. When it’s time for bed, the first thing that is going to save that hair is using a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases allow your hair to glide gently over the surface, preventing friction that can cause breakage and frizz. Plus, it’s crazy comfy and even good for your skin.

Step 2. Right before you lay down, you’re going to want to gather or “pineapple” your hair. This helps maintain volume at the root of your hair AND keeps your curls intact. Simply pull up your hair in a high ponytail and secure with an invisibobble or scrunchie.

This will help maintain volume and prevent any nighttime indentations.


• • •

Days 2-3: Your Hair starts to lose it

Shelter Your Hair In The Shower

In the shower, protect your blowout with a shower cap. Use one that is lined with terry cloth or cotton. This will make it comfortable to wear and add an extra layer of protection to prevent frizz. This is a definite must-have!

Make Your Roots Work For, Not Against You

It’s day 2 or 3 – Don’t reach for the dry shampoo just yet. That tends to give hair a matte texture—meaning you’ll lose all that shiny goodness you just had 24 hours ago. Instead, spray a light-hold hair spray (like Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray) on a paddle brush, flip your head upside down, and brush the roots. This gives you volume without the dust cloud.

Days 4-5: the first sign of oil and your ends start to dry out!

Have you tried dry texturizing spray yet? It’s basically a dry shampoo/hair spray hybrid that gives your hair a bit of volume and structure. Holding your texture spray in one hand (I used to use Garnier Fructis Styling De-constructed Texture Tease Dry Finishing Spray all the time!), your head upside down, misting one to three spritzes from roots to ends, and tousling with your fingers. If you have thick or curly hair, a moisturizing creme will help.


Days 6-7: Your hair starts to give up

This might sound a bit odd, but spritz your hair with water. You’ll get body without the extra weight, crunchiness, or product buildup. Rough-dry your hair or let it air-dry (you’ve seen me do this to revive my curls), then tousle a bit of dry shampoo (I love Baptiste or Amika) through your roots.

  1. Lift sections of your hair and spray into the mid-shaft to add volume, texture and bring your blowout back to life.
  2. You can also reshape the front of your hair with a blow dryer to freshen up your whole look!
  3. If you’re not great with a blow-dryer, just add some curl with your favorite curling iron or flat iron (mine is the Babyliss). Focus on the front of your head and curl the hair away from your face.
  4. Give your curl a little tug to loosen and give you that fun, messy, beachy look.

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Days 7-8: Braids & Pony Tails

Eventually, your hair is going to get dirty and oily (this truly starts day 3 for me). This is when dry shampoo and braids save me and help me go the extra mile!

  1. Lift sections of your hair. Spray your dry shampoo into your roots and work it in with your fingertips.
  2. Then, follow one of my hair tutorials and finish your hair with a cute braid!

Day 8-9: time to wash again!

Listen, I couldn’t’ go 8 days right out of the gate. It took time, and the right products, to train my hair to do this.

Choosing the right products can be daunting and your hair, like mine, is unique. Not every product that works for me will work for you! But that’s what I love about Walmart.  They’ve got products for each and every specific hair-care need or quirk you’ve got – and that’s the type of 1-stop shopping I can get behind!

Plus, they have exclusive discounts, products, and brands that you won’t find anywhere else!

Happy hair training!

Xx Tara

This post was sponsored by Walmart!


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