Amazon Purchases – July 2023

Here are my amazon buys from this month!

I am allll about convenience and Subscribe and Save has saved my butt more than once! I get all the essentials delivered to my door. Depending on what it is I set how often I want to get it delivered. Here’s a list of my subscribe and saves:

Liquid Death – Flavored water in a can may seem a bit weird, but this stuff tastes gooood.

Nobody told me how bad wet cat food smells! But cats gotta eat. 

Celsius Sparkling Peach Energy Drink – If you haven’t tried these, they are SO GOOD. 

Bird seed – I love having a little bird house suctioned to my window… so does Bruce. This winter they have been nonstop eating so bird seed is essential.

Pirate’s Booty – One of the kids’ favorite snacks. 

PetHonesty Digestive Probiotics – Getting real raw and honest with my amazon purchases. hah! Gotta help those pups poop!

The Busy Bone treats are on the subscribe list for Pennie and Goldie, a fan favorite for sure. 

Mentos Gum – A Thueson fam staple. 

Fiji Water – The best water, don’t try and change my mind!

Trash Bags – I used to forget these all the time. Not anymore! I love the scented ones too. 

Toilet Paper – Another staple haha. Charmin is our fave.

Paper Towels – If you haven’t tried these paper towels you are missing out! They are think and cloth like, I love them.

Okay I don’t love the pre-made protein drinks, but these Fairlife Core Power ones are GOOD. Taste just like chocolate milk and keep you full for so long.

Paper Plates – These are biodegradable so I don’t feel as bad using them! Easy clean up for the win. 

Bring on all the Blackstone grill accessories! Here’s a list of what Braun bought this month since we got him the grill for Father’s Day:

Grill Caddy

Grill Press

Grill Mat

Food Storage Containers – Grabbed these during Prime Day for the St. George house, they’re my fave!

Adhesive Storage Containers – How nice are these?! They have sticky backs so you can hang them literally anywhere to organize all the small things that take up space. I’m thinking of putting them on the back of the cabinet under my bathroom sink so you can’t see them, but they’re easily accessible.

Batter Dispenser – This thing is STURDY and holds a lot of liquid, which is nice.

Pantry Organizers – Some of my fave organizers! I use them in all my closets.

Dish Brush – Needed to replace ours.

Toothbrush Covers – I originally bought the two pack to see if I liked them and went back for the 6 pack for the whole fam. They clip easily over your toothbrush head. I love that they are color coded to keep track of who’s is who’s.

Pill Organizer – If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a pill organizer.. Can’t even count how many I have haha. This one is BEAUTIFUL. I’m obsessed. It’s super nice acrylic and feels luxurious, that’s what you want when taking your vitamins right?

Salt + Pepper Grinder – These have been really nice quality!

Snack Tray – Okay, this is sweet! Has a lid and handle, perfect to tote to soccer games, boating, beach, you name it! Kids (and adults) are gonna love it.

Shoe Organizers – I told myself I was gonna get my closet organized this summer, I started with my shoes. These organizers save a lot of space and make it look not as cluttered.

Jack Black Lip Balm – A family fave! It has SPF in it, which is awesome for being on the lake all day.

Ursa Major Face Wipes – I have LOVED these when camping or traveling. Takes your makeup off easily and leaves you feeling fresh.

Gel Polish – The girls love this color. If you need a gel nail set, they love THIS ONE.

Nippies – I’ve been sharing these all summer! I use them with swimsuits and workout tops so that I don’t have to deal with the horrible padding. They are mega thin and waterproof. You can wear them up to 20 times before having to replace!

Toiletry Case/ Bottles – I grabbed these for the girls when we went to Denver and they were a hit! Holds just enough of everything for a few days. Comes with a silicone case to keep it all together and from spilling, which is awesome.

Hair + Body Glitter – A T-Swift must. Tons of colors to choose from and washes off easily.

Perfume Travel Bottle – I wanted a perfume bottle that was a little bit sleeker for when I travel and this one is AMAZING. Super easy to get perfume from the original bottle into too.

Sticky Gems – Another T-Swift must, the more glitter and dazzle, the better! We stuck these in our hair + all over our legs and arms!

Mentos – My favorite gum, I always have some with me.

Clean Skin Club Towels – I’m on my third box of these! It’s so nice to be able to wipe my face with a clean towel every time!

No Rinse Bathing Sponges – Braun and the boys went on a week long camping trip, so these were a must!

Active Skin Repair Spray – Great to quickly heal scrapes and cuts.

Makeup Airbrush Kit – Haven’t tried this yet, but have been thinking about it for a long time and finally pulled the trigger. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Aveeno – Love taking these for travel/sticking them in my purse. They’re the perfect size.

Snail Mucus Mask – I just can’t think about the fact that I’m putting something from a snail on my face and I’m okay, but really I love this mask. It leaves my skin feeling so soft.

Sun Bum SPF Face Mist – When we were in Oklahoma it was HOT, we were constantly applying sunscreen. This mist was super easy to just spray on everyone and go.

Camera Covers for Tesla – Privacy is important! This slider let’s us cover and uncover the cameras in our cars with ease.

We needed quite a few things while the whole fam was in Broken Bow here’s what we ordered:

Bungee Carabiner


Anker Flashlight + Tactical Flashlight

Cooler Lock Brackets

Portable Fan – Took this to Taylor Swift and it was so nice to have a cool breeze while we waited for the sun to go down.

Paper – Needed a restock for our printer!

LARGE Anker Charger – Okay, this bad boy charged the entire families electronics while we were camping, it’s amazing. I’ve always loved Anker products and this has become one of my faves!

Small Portable Anker Charger – I can’t even being to count how many of these we have now, they can charge a laptop so quick, but also you smaller electronics if ya need to.

Anker Lighting Charger – Grabbed this before the concert and I’m so glad I did! Love that there’s no cord, plus it kept my phone charged all night long.

Anker Cable – I think Braun buys at least one of these a month.. probably because everyone steals his! haha

Pop Up Trash Bins – Braun took the boys camping and said these were great instead of just having a trash bag laying around.

Hammock – What’s a camping trip without hammocking? Don’t forget to grab the tethers to hang it too.

Ear Plugs – If you have kids who can’t get their ears wet all the time, these are great!

Running Water Fountain – Besides the fact of Dash drinking out of this while it charged, this is awesome! The cats have really enjoyed running water and have been drinking more! Just call me the crazy cat lady. haha

Phone Umbrella – I think one of the girls bought this as a joke haha, but it does hold your phone up and shade it, so maybe it is a good idea even though it looks silly! A useful gag gift for sure.

Gold Chain Collar – Boy these are gonna be fun to put on the cats, I’ll have to show you how it goes!

Glow Sticks – 500 may have been a bit excessive, but we sure had fun in Broken Bow will all of them. The kids loved them.

Odor Eliminator – As much as I love my cats.. they can be a real pain when it comes to peeing where they should.

Poop Bags – Everyone poops! Including our cats unfortunately, these are great for cleaning the litter box out.

Catnip – I introduced Bruce and Frankie to catnip the other day and may regret my choices.. they went CRAZY for it.

Earring Hooks – The girls wanted to make earrings so we grabbed these to bead on!

Boots – Anisten wore these to the TS concert! A great, fair priced option.