Blank Calendar – Free Printable

One of you emailed me asking for a blank calendar to help the kids count down until their dad gets home from deployment. Uh, yes, of course! I think a lot of you are going to love the blank one, too! The XL printable calendar is the perfect place to take notes of ALL the things. If you want to get real fancy, grab a multi-color pack of pens and color code for each kid/adult in your house so it’s a little easier to find things related to them HERE are my forever favorite pens


Where: Staples

Type: Engineering Print

Size: 24×36

Price – $5-20ish

Where: Office Max / Office Depot

Type: Custom Blueprint

Size: 24×36 (select fit to page)

Price: $4-20 ish (plus they usually have a 25% off coupon available!)

I’ve attached both B+W and Color Versions of the calendar below. If you choose to print in color, it will be more expensive. The B+W version should only be around $4.