Dressing for the Occasion with Kohl’s

Partnership with Kohl’s + Collective Voice

I feel like every time I shop at Kohl’s I gravitate towards the dresses. They have so many cute ones right now! I also snagged a few basics and cargo pants. Loving the loose pants trend. Right now, you can get 20% off your entire order with code TAKE20.

Shirt | Cargo Pants

I had a few questions on wear these pants were from because I wore them in my latest reel! They are so good. I’m in the small regular length. They have a short option with a 28 inch inseam, the regular length (these ones) are 32 inch inseam, I’m 5’ 5’’ for reference. They would look cute cropped too. I’m in a small in the shirt! You can’t go wrong with a simple ribbed shirt.


Loving the silhouette of this dress! Flows and hangs really great. My grandma wore these every day of her life, and I now know why, so dang comfortable! Would be so cute if you had a baby bump too. I’m in the small. Comes in a few colors too.


This little black dress is a winner! Love the fabric detail and the length of it. My girls will definitely steal this from me. It’s got a wrinkly texture to it. I’m in the small.


The same winning dress in cream! The ruffles on the bust and up the shoulder are fun details, that separate it from other white dresses. Super flattering with the A line cute as well.

Shirt | Cargo Jeans

I shared these jeans last week and while Braun was on the fence about them, I think they’re really cute! I kind of feel like a teenager in them since these are what my girls wear haha. They’re comfortable and you can fit so many things in the pockets. I can see the appeal. I’m in my regular size small in the long length. These are similar to the ones above in that length department, they come in long, short, and regular. They also have an elastic waistband on the back of the pant to give ya a little wiggle room in sizing.

Shirt | Crochet Skirt

I was on the fence about this skirt, but I saw it in store and knew I had to get it. Reminds me of a 70s blanket! It’s definitely different than what I would normally pick, but I think it’ll be so cute for church and such a great transition piece for fall. Comes lined too. I’m in the small.


Okay, last dress I promise! Haha Kohl’s had some real winners this round! This one moves so well, I want to spin in it all day long. Love the polka dots too, such a timeless pattern. It also has a clasp, so it’s nursing friendly.