Dyson Corrale

Partnership with Dyson + ShopStyle Collective

I dreamed of this day when I could bring my hair tool in the car and finish getting ready on the way there (of course Braun would be driving). I think Braun dreamed of this day too.. maybe now we can be on time??? Probably not, BUT the Dyson Corrale gives us a fighting chance.

The Dyson Corrale is definitely here for some major into-the-future technology for hair tools… I am positive you’re here to find out why it’s better than other straighteners, right??

  • This is the only straightener on the market with flexing plates that shape to gather hair for more control, so you can style with less heat. Use corded or cord-free. Let. Me. Repeat. CORD-FREE!! (see the last bullet for deets on this!)
  • The flexing plates gather your hair for more control, so you can achieve the same style with less heat, less damage, and reduced frizz and flyaways. Dyson specifically recommends styling with a heat setting below what you normally use. Less heat, less damage! If you’ve seen my stories lately you know I have major breakage in the front of my head, so this is amazing that there’s a product out there I can use on a low heat setting to save my hair from any further damage.
  • There’s an intelligent heat control built into the Dyson Corrale that responds to the thickness, texture and length of your hair and automatically controls the temperature for optimal styling results. Way cool, right??
  • My favorite feature: Use corded or cord-free. Up to 30 minutes of cord-free run time that delivers the same thermal performance of a corded straightener. the charging cable is magnetic and attaches to both the charging doc or to the straightener itself.. we sometimes have to use that feature if Anisten + I need to do our hair at the same time!

Pretty dang cool, right?? The cord-free feature on the Dyson Corrale really sold me, quickly followed by the fact this has my hair’s best interest at heart (and you know how cautious and picky I am with ANYTHING that goes in or on my hair!). It was a major bonus that the curved design of this straightener makes is super easy to put in waves and curls, as well as straighten.. Hallelujah. The Dyson Corrale comes in two super cute color ways, purple + pink! I had a hard time deciding between the two. It comes with a case, charging dock + the magnetic charger cord. The charging dock doubles as a cute stand when it’s not in use!

Getting the hang of the flex plates on the straightener was kinda tricky at first, but after the first 10 minutes I self-certified myself as a professional. Here’s the best advice I have for mastering your Dyson Corrale:

  • Prep your hair… I always make sure my hair is untangled and totally dry! I usually put a heat protectant on it also.
  • Pre-heat… like an oven, it needs time to warm up!! I usually put it on medium heat to warm up and then adjust it up or down to what my hair needs depending on the style I’m going for.
  • Don’t squeeze your hair… you do NOT need to pinch the ever loving life out of your hair while it’s between the plates on the Dyson Corrale. Be super easy with it, you shouldn’t be pulling your hair at all. I know you know what I mean.. I can hear the hair dragging through the death grip on old straighteners right now haha.
  • Slow down… you can achieve what you’re going for in one pass. Dyson recommends one second per inch of hair. That’s slower than you think! If your hair is thicker, that will probably be a bit more time per inch of hair.
  • Section out your hair… Make sure your hair is in the middle of the plate. The flex plates will gather around your hair and smooth it out! Don’t overfill the plates, or it won’t work efficiently. Small sections, slow movements and don’t be super squeezy!

See?! The Dyson Corrale still accomplishes my favorite style, all while doing it quicker, with less heat + with less damage! As a mom of daughters, I am SO glad that companies like Dyson are getting innovative and creating products that’ll benefit the girls in the long run. I know I learned hair health on my own with trial and error (also, hi, it’s me.. a retired cosmetologist ha!!)… I’m just so glad that my girls will know + have tools to use that keeps their hair anything but fried. If you decide to take the leap or have any questions I would LOVE to know! Connect with me on my IG post today and I’ll try to answer anything I can. 🙂