Easter Basket Ideas

This year we are spending Easter at home and I am really excited about it. I love being at home for the holidays where we can enjoy fun traditions, be with family and just relax. Last year we spent Easter on Oahu though and that was pretty dang fun too. I was just going through pictures of our trip and I actually think I would rather spend it in Hawaii again over cold Utah. So forget everything I said about being excited to stay home.


We couldn’t really pack easter baskets with us in our suitcases so colanders had to do!


We spent the day playing in the ocean, going on Easter egg hunts and we hiked pillbox which was incredible and I totally recommend it if you are going to Oahu!

This year, I got my kids a book called “A Christ Centered Easter” to remind them the real reason we celebrate Easter. It was written by Heather Freeman, who actually lived in my last neighborhood and is a well known LDS author. I read the book the other night and I know they are going to love it!

Lets talk Easter baskets too… I have gone back and forth on what I like to do in my kids Easter baskets. Sometimes I get them an outside toy to play with in the upcoming summer months (those are probably their favorite gifts), sometimes I get them each a new book or journal and some treats, other times I get them a few small toys… literally every year is different. The only thing that stays the same is they always get a new dress or tie to wear to church on Easter Sunday!

I thought it would be fun to give you a few ideas on things that we love around our house if you are looking for fun things to add to your Easter baskets! All of these are things my kids LOVE and I know that yours will too!

Get ready for a long long list… I included things for all budgets, for toddlers, for tweens, boys and girls. I hope this gives you some fun ideas!




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  1. 3.22.18
    Anick said:

    Thank you for the GREAT ideas!!! I hope I can find some of those games in French because they really do seem fun! (French-canadian over here!)

  2. 3.22.18
    aaron morgan said:

    I love this post! Easter is my favorite time of the year. I love spring. thank you for all your inspiration in this post.

  3. 3.22.18
    Tara Thueson said:

    Love this.

  4. 3.25.18
    tarathueson said:

    I am so glad you enjoyed it! I love Easter time too.

  5. 3.25.18
    tarathueson said:

    Oh I hope you can too! Sleeping queens is a big favorite around here!

  6. 3.26.18
    Megan said:

    This is an awesome list! Thanks for putting it together, got some great ideas for my kiddos.

  7. 3.28.18
    Cali said:

    Great information! I love these ideas!

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    rudya said:

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  10. 4.23.18
    Allie said:

    #5 – the stuffed animal is adorable and just FYI cuddle and kind are the more expensive ones you’ve seen, BUT they’re ethically produced, family-owned and donate meals to kids with each doll! I just bought the unicorn one for a friend and they’re so cute and well done! Love love love gift guides!