Favorite Things Party Gift Guide 2020

Hi, my name is Tara and I have MANY, MANY favorites. It’s problematic. It’s not that I’m indecisive. It’s that there are so many smart people, incredible inventions, and problem-solving-products that I just don’t want to live without!

And when you’re showing up to a Favorite Things Party,  you want to make sure you’re bringing something that doesn’t break your bank but still has that “wow” factor! It’s not about having the best gift (unless you’re really competitive) but it’s about having a transformative gift. A gift that makes the recipient’s life a little bit better!

So I did the impossible and whittled down my list and am giving you the items that have transformed my life for the better. 2020 was a cluster but these were the bright, shiny stars and are sure to wow anyone at your party!

1) TASSI: Inexpensive and totally a life/hair saver. I use this every night as I wash my face and it just keeps everything up and out of the way without leaving marks or kinks in your hair – it’s also great to use when you’ve got your hair done and need to do your makeup!

2) NAIL DASHES: Give the gift of at-home pampering with these non-damaging and non-toxic press-on nails that will have them kicking themselves for going so many months without a manicure. And at $13 apiece, these are such an inexpensive add-on and instantly make me feel like I’ve got at least one piece of my life together.

3) NATIVE DEODORANT: I made the switch to Native deodorant last year and it’s one of the best things I’ve done. Not only is it incredibly affordable (my old deodorant was over $20!), there are so many scents to choose from, and instead of using harsh chemicals, Native is all-natural and better for you.

4) CLEAR ZIPPER POUCHES: You know I don’t go anywhere without at least 485,384 pouches inside my purse at all times. They keep it organized and I always have what I need. Plus they’re easier to move from one purse to the next!

5) FACE WASHING SWEATBANDS: The worst thing about washing one’s face is the water that runs down one’s arms in ridiculous amounts and pools on the counter, your outfit, or the floor. Mopping up is the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day. These are. your run-of-the-mill sweatbands that we’re using in the most genius way possible – on our wrists to collect that errant water and to keep your vanity/clothes/floor clean while you wash your face.


• • •

6) TRAVEL PILL CONTAINERS: I love products that are versatile and can play many roles. These can be used as intended, to keep your vitamins and supplements organized. Or you can use them to house anything from jewelry to whatever small thing you need to keep at hand.

7) EYE MASK: This eye mask is a little bit magic. I’m not even exactly sure what that magic is but this keeps the light totally out, puts a little pressure around the eyes, and helps relieve stress, doesn’t lay against or smash the eye itself so could be used with falsies or lash extensions!

8) WELEDA SKIN FOOD: I love drugstore products that give expensive/luxury items a run for their money. This can be used as a moisturizing mask that you wear on a long flight or to depuff those under eyes. Or use it as your everyday moisturizer.

9) KNIT FACE MASK: These are the best masks I have found (and I’ve tried a TON). They’re beautiful colors, light, allow you to breathe, and are inexpensive.

10) TANNING SLEEP SACK: Another genius item that will save your expensive sheets from the dreaded tanning stains when you put on a faux glow. Apply your favorite tanning product and then lay this in your sheets and sleep inside of this liner.

11) OLAPLEX: Buying the entire set of Olaplex can get expensive but gifting your girls with anything from this line would be amazing. This is the product you buy if you really love your hair. It’s nourishing, reconstructing, healing, bonding, color-protecting magic. Your hair will never feel so good as when you use Olaplex.

12) DIAMOND DAZZLE RING CLEANER: This is a pen I keep in my purse and I use it to give my jewelry a quick clean and polish when I’m out and about and feeling dull.

• • •


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