Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks 2020

Home is where the heart is — or, better yet, it’s where the food is. And this gift guide is specifically for that one person in your life who hasn’t thrown the towel in and plunged head-first into food delivery services.
I’ve put together a bundle of useful AND unique cooking-centric presents that will pair wonderfully with any level of skill that the home cook in your life has achieved!

1) SILICONE MEASURING CUPS: Pinch and pour silicone measuring cups are a game-changer in the kitchen!

2) DIGITAL THERMOMETER: This is perfect for making sure things are up to temperature and done.

3) CARAWAY PANS: I love this set of pans!

4) MARBLE BUTTER CROCK: Made hard butter a thing of the past. This butter crock will keep your butter soft and fresh.

5) ALEXA SHOW: Use this to listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, or to make video calls, keep timers, or search the web in the kitchen.

6) NINJA 9-IN-1 PRESSURE COOKER & AIR PRYER: This is for the home cook with a small kitchen or who loves to maximize the usefulness of their kitchen tools!

7) SPICE CANISTERS: Pretty up your kitchen with matching spice canisters.

8) ALWAYS PAN: If you’re a one-pan cook, this is the pan to have!

9) KNIFE BLOCK ORGANIZER: Most home cooks have graduated beyond the matching knife set and now have knives for all the tasks they like to undertake! This helps organize them in your kitchen drawers.

10) KITCHENAID MIXER: this mixer is hand’s down one of my favorite kitchen appliances. It does so much!


• • •

11) COOKBOOK STAND: Nothing ruins a cookbook faster than grubby hands. Go hands-free with a cookbook stand.

12) KITCHEN SHEARS: Every kitchen should have a pair of kitchen shears.

13) MEAT SHREDDER: Cooking hamburger or ground turkey is so much more easily done with this tool!

14) SILICON KITCHEN MITTS: Don’t burn your hands but make it fashion!

15) GEOMETRY KITCHEN TOWELS: These are the BEST kitchen towels. The ones that work the best but also ones you don’t mind showing to company!

16) CUTTING BOARDS: Self-healing cutting boards are amazing and every home cook should have a few.

17) OLIVE/VINEGAR HOLDERS: I love olive oil but it looks way prettier in these dispensing bottles!

18) STACKING MIXING BOWLS: Tupperware is bomb and these mixing bowls with matching lids are incredible!

19) WAFFLE DISH RAGS: These are the rags you keep out of sight of guests but use to wipe countertops and spills.

20) MAGNETIC MEASURING SPOONS: Keep your measuring spoons together and organized.

21) APRON: Every home cook should have a decent apron.

• • •

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