Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers 2020

If you’re like me, 2020 didn’t involve a lot of traveling. But being one of my favorite things to do, I’m hoping that 2021 is VASTLY different. I hope to be country-hopping in no time!

So I’ve put together a list of all of my must-haves for travel whether you’ve got a 4-hour road trip or a 23-hour flight ahead of you! These items will leave even the most seasoned traveler wondering how they ever traveled without them!

1) KINDLE: One of my favorite things to do is curl up with a good book. I do read on my iPad but it’s my Kindle that really gets used most. It’s waterproof, has Bluetooth, is backlit so you can read in any type of light, will also hold your favorite apps, and you can’t beat the price!

2) EXTERNAL COMPUTER BATTERY: This battery will charge your computer, your phone, and anything else you lug around that runs out of juice often. I love this charger because there isn’t always a place to plug in my computer!

3) AIRPODS PRO: Upgrade her earbuds with the new AirPods that even have noise canceling magic!

4) ANDAR AIRPODS CASE: I’ve been a long-time fan of Andar and their leather cases keep your things protected. Unless you have a dog named Pennie. Then nothing is safe.

5) EYE MASSAGER: These are a welcome relief when you need a moment to relax or fight off an oncoming headache.


• • •

6) KINDLE CASE: She’s going to need a sturdy and cute carrying case for her new Kindle!

7) SONY A9 CAMERA: Yes, it’s expensive. But being able to take incredible pictures the past few years has been one of the best gifts. They are pictures I will cherish and look at years and years from now. If you or the person you’re buying for is a budding photographer, this is a great camera!

8) BRIXLEY TRAVEL CUBES: Hands down the cutest travel cubes I own and the most functional! Use code TARA10 for 10% off your order!

9) MZ WALLACE TRAVEL TOTE: This bag is big enough to be an overnight bag, the perfect carry-on, or just a I-need-to-haul-around-everything-I-own-bag.

10) SMALL LEATHER JEWELRY CASE: Grab this for the person just starting their jewelry collection. And is great for a weekend trip!


• • •

11) SLY BEAUTY MAKEUP CASE: Makeup will always be the bain of my existence. It feels like there is never any good place to put it! Until now – this leather makeup case is perfect to keep your vanity clear, your makeup organized, and is also amazing when traveling!

12) PASSPORT HOLDER: Anthropologie has the cutest passport cover and would make a great stocking stuffer!

13) BAREFOOT DREAM SOCKS: If you know, you know. Barefoot Dreams makes the dreamiest blankets, socks, and robes.

14) KNIT FACE MASK: I found these masks a while ago and gave been loving them! They’re thin, the perfect size to provide additional breathing room, and I love that they’re nude!

15) TRAVEL SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER TUBES: I know what these look like and you’re correct, they ARE to hold your shampoo and conditioner when you travel. Hotel stuff is ew.

16) VITAMIN CARRIER: These pill cases come in a pack of 4 and help keep all of your vitamins/supplements separate!

17) TULA SKINCARE TRAVEL KIT: TULA is my staple skincare and I don’t go anywhere without it. This travel set makes the perfect stocking stuffer and you can use code TARATHUESON to get 15% off your purchase!

18) SHOWER CAP: This may be the thing I’ve owned for the longest and I love it! It keeps my hair super dry in the shower, keeps it frizz-free, and doesn’t leave a massive crease around my hairline.


• • •

19) PERFUME SPRITZER: My perfume can get expensive and sometimes my bottles are too large to take in my carry-on! I can fill up one of these spritzers and take a small amount with me when I travel!

20) HYDROFLASK: I love my Stanley mug, but when it comes to a bottle that closes, nothing beats my Hydroflask!

21) MASK CHAIN: I love the ones my girls make but these gold ones elevate your look a bit!

22) NECK TRAVEL PILLOW: If you’ve ever traveled long distances you know that a travel pillow is a must! This one passed the test on our trip to Singapore!

23) GOOSEBUMPS BLANKET: use code TARA to save on my favorite adult swaddle!

24) EYE MASK: this is the ultimate sleep mask whether you’re traveling or staying at home! Protect your eyes (and lashes if you’ve got makeup or lash extensions on) and keep out all light!

25) ANKER FLAT-WALL CHARGER: This charge easily plugs in behind dressers and beds and doesn’t get other stuff caught on it. It fits seamlessly against the wall and won’t get in the way of everything else.

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