@TheFoodNanny Gladly Chopped Salad Recipe!

Partnership with Walmart

I tried this recipe on a girls lunch with friends a little over a week ago and I FELL IN LOVE hard with it!! Gosh, it was just so darn good. I came home and knew that *most* of my family would love it so I made it, and to my surprise, even Jett loved it!! It comes straight from my good friend Lizi over at @thefoodnanny, though I did make a couple of tweaks. As always, presentation is everything so I served it up in the CUTEST Walmart bowls. I’ll link everything below 🙂

Bowls | Serving Plates | Dinner Plates

Step one is obviously grabbing the most adorable serving dishes possible, at an affordable price. I came across these Thyme & Table dishes from WalMart online and instantly fell in love!! You guys know that black and white, with gold accents steals my heart 10 out of 10 times. The patterns on these sets are so adorable. I’ll link a bunch of them below. You can get them all in full dinnerware sets, too (I reeaaaallly love the polka dots!!). You’ll for sure want that cute 9×13″ pan for your kitchen too. I’ll link up the collection at the end of the blog post — but I know you’re here for the recipe so lets skip to the yummiest part.

Step one is really making the dressing.. I forgot to take pictures of the whole process because I was just way too dang excited. Sorry!! You’ll definitely need a blender for this, hand mixing isn’t going to cut it.

Step two cook the cous cous or the quinoa.. whichever you prefer to use! I love quinoa, and before I make it I throw some chicken bullion into the pot to help add some flavor.

Step three lay out all the things if you’ve got a picky family, or toss it all in a bowl! Don’t forget the freeze dried corn.. it really makes the whole recipe. I used Augason Farms freeze dried sweet corn.. it’s so good.

Step four — ASSEMBLE and ENJOY!

Shop ingredients at Walmart here (pickup and delivery is the best thing ever).. one of my favorite things about Walmart grocery shopping online is you can compare allllll the brands available and make the best choice. We use a TON of the great value products in our house – Walmart even has their own lines of USDA approved, organic, gluten free, keto, kosher, etc! 🙂 it really allows you to stretch your grocery list out and grab more with their everyday low prices vs. large label names. You can also save $10 off your first THREE grocery orders over $50 using code TRIPLE10

if possible we ALWAYS swap out labels for brands like: Marketside, Sams Choice, or look for the Freshness Guaranteed label… feeding a family of 6 can get expensive – so making those swaps are sooo helpful for keeping the budget down.

Here’s the whole recipe:

Now back to Walmart’s WAY cute selection of serve ware..

Tap through using the arrows below to see their cute stuff!!!