Formal Dress Roundup

If your girls are struggling to find a prom dress like Em is, I’ve rounded up some faves for you guys to check out! I’ve broken it up by price point to make it a little easier too.

Here’s a few of the places that I looked:

Anthropologie – A lot of dresses are at a higher price point, typically over $200 but I loovveee the styles they carry.

ASOS – Filters will be your best friend! They have A TON of styles and options.. it can get overwhelming if you don’t filter

Baltic Born – Found a few I liked, but not my top fave.

Bohme – Going through the website, I found one here.. maybe you’ll be able to find some more!

Dillard’s – This one you definitely have to comb through to find the gems!

JessaKae – Most of the styles are more casual, but there are a few that are more formal!

Lulu’s – Some great styles and very reasonable prices! Lots of options under $100.