Romper DUPE!

ohhhh man do I have a dupe for you! Look! It’s pretty much identical to the FP romper, but the back side is a little less diaper butt. My neighbor made these, isn’t she so talented?! Here’s a link to her boutique… she gave me a code for you all: TARA

Here’s the shirt underneath, it’s the same body suit I’ve been sharing all along. It’s super comfortable. Size up for less of a wedgie, you’ll thank me later… promise.

These slides are on clearance! They’re super comfortable and a good price. Love the wave detail. They’re made by Madewell.

Of course, I’ve got my loopy case on (one of the many I own.. what can I say? I am hooked!) This iridescent one is definitely my favorite, I haven’t changed it in sooo long which is totally not like me. You can use code TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple to save a few bucks! This iridescent one is my favorite one they’ve ever come out with.