June ’21 Amazon Purchases

Wheeeew, remember when Alexa told Braun I had 8 packages in one day?? I’m just grateful she didn’t say how many in the month…. and also hoping Braun pays no attention to my blog haha. Here’s all the goodies I grabbed in June… lots of them were to stock up for travels!

Personal Care

Hair Clips: Emery and I both use the heck out of these… Comes in a pack of 72. They are pretty little and super strong! Comes in a couple of colors!

Hair Elastics: These elastics are better than the Gimme Beauty ones, while also being a fraction of the price for waaaay more of them (100 pack!). I got the black set for me and the colorful ones for the girls. They don’t crease or damage your hair. We all have different hair types, and it has a good hold on all of them. $8.

Pill Cases: These pill cases are seriously the best. We have them in multiple color ways and I bought a few more for the trip.. traveling with all of the kids calls for extra stuff for precaution. They come in a couple color ways.. this pastel one + this one!

Small Pill Cases: These individual ones are great for the girls.. they pack their multivitamins in them. I bought some for Emery for Trek and Anisten took them to girl’s camp. I brought them on my hiking trip too! It’s also really nice for carry-ons for anti-nausea meds that ya won’t need your full case of meds for. Checking those big ones is a lot easier than getting that weird look from the TSA guy.

Toiletry Bags: You guys know I already had one of these, but I got the girls each one for the trip to Mexico. This is seriously the best toiletry bag! It fits perfectly in the Tobiq compartment, also!

Clear Toiletry Bags: These are perfect for going through TSA, they can see right through them! Got these for the whole fam. They come in a bunch of colors.

Lip Sunscreen: Okay but have you ever had a sunburn on your lips? It’s literally the worst thing EVER. I stocked up on a bunch of different things to prevent, including this one! There’s a few flavor options available. It does work well!

iWalk: I’ll give ya one guess who this is for.. ugh, Em! It works real good and isn’t too uncomfortable for her..

Self Adhesive Bandage: Okay, one more time.. wanna know who it’s for?? Yep, Em. On a real note though, we ALWAYS have this on hand its amazing for so many things. We’ve used this for road rash or rug burn so many times when the boys have wiped out. Right now it’s primary use is for under the boot wrap.

Mascara: Have you ever tried a 2-step mascara for length?? This one is pretty dang good!


SD Card: Sometimes it’s just easier to grab a new one for each trip.. I do eventually download them but sometimes it takes a bit of time. This one is my go-to, it comes with the adapter which is really nice too. It’s got decent storage, more than enough for our whole trip!

Phone Case: It’s been a doozy of a month for Emery.. she also broke her phone, remember?? Haha. We got her a new one and it required a different case. This is what we were able to get in time for Mexico! She likes the sleek look.

Phone Screens: Also for the new phone, these are the ones we grab in whatever phone size we need. They work well, wayyyyyy cheaper to get these than to wait on the guy at the mall to do it. Saves a ton of time too!

Kids Blue Light Blockers: If they’ll wear them, protect their eyes young guys.. so much of school and everything else is on technology now..

Camera Stand: This will hold my big camera for family vacation pics and also to help with all the shoots I have to do! Seriously a lifesaver, has saved me a ton of money on professional shoots.

String Lights: Ordered a few sets of these for the girls… they’re working on redoing their rooms!

Kitchen + Eating

Straws for Stanley: These ones are solid plastic.. they are a little thinner but tall enough and fit! There are multiple color ways. Clear, sparkly colors + solid colors.

Silicone Straws for Stanley: These fit perfectly, but not everyone likes silicone… these are what I love and prefer!

Paper Towels: Haha, just being super real with you guys and showing you everyyyything I bought. These paper towels are the best. Have you tried them?!

Fiji Water: This is really why we got so many packages that day haha! We had 4 cases of water delivered and they package them each in separate boxes which is kind of annoying but hey, more fun to open I guess??

Traeger Spices: You don’t have to have the grill to enjoy these.. they have AMAZING flavor. Beef Rub, Sugar Lips BBQ Glaze, Prime Rib Rub

Pistachios: Did you believe me when I said these things were the best?? Shamelessly had over 10 packages of the following delivered: Variety Packs, Chili Roasted, Honey Roasted… Tried them for the first time when I went on my hiking trip with the girls and fell in love!

Trip Stuff

A lot of the stuff from above was for the trip too, but here’s some of the other stuff I grabbed that didn’t fall in the categories above.

Goggles: Necessary for swimming, grabbed these + these.

Braun’s Bag: Bought this for Braun in black! He LOVES it! Has a ton of room in it.

Cooling Towel: Grabbed these for everyone on the trip. It gets pretty dang hot out on the beach! These are perfect to throw in our coolers and pull out when we need them. Also took one on my hike!! They’re mesh, so they’re super light weight.

Swim Trunks: How could I not buy these!?!? The little bananas. So cute! There are a ton of pattern options!!

Random other things:

Drill Bits: Got these for Braun… what they heck they do, who knows? Maybe your husband needs them too?

Garden Feeder: This thing is the best and makes watering the garden so dang easy!

Garden Food: Ya need it if you get the thing above.. My plants grow sooo much better with this!

Thank You Cards: Love the heavy weight paper, they come with envelopes too! There’s room for the kids to draw.