Your Guide to 2023 Gift Guides

I know, I know there are A LOT of gift guides, but this list will help you navigate through them quickly and with ease!

GIFT GUIDE FOR DOGS – All the things we love for Pennie + Goldie!

GIFT GUIDE FOR CATS – Bruce and Frankie have been with us for an entire year, here’s what we love and couldn’t live without for them.

GIFT GUIDE FOR BABIES – I love that some of the stuff my kids loved are still relevant – but, man, times have changed. 

GIFT GUIDE FOR TODDLERS – Toddlers on Christmas may be my favorite thing everrrr. They get so dang excited!

GIFT GUIDE FOR PRE-TEEN GIRLS – I miss when my girlies were this little!!

GIFT GUIDE FOR BOYS – Tried and true Dash + Jett faves, plus some extra suggestions you guys gave me!

GIFT GUIDE FOR TEEN BOYS – Teens may be the hardest to shop for + surprise, here’s a few ideas.

GIFT GUIDE FOR TEEN GIRLS – Probably the most anticipated gift guide of the year and it’s soooo good!

GIFT GUIDE FOR WOMEN – Basically all my faves… haha. Working on making it PERFECT!

GIFT GUIDE FOR MEN – All of Braun’s faves and the stuff he can’t live without.

GIFT GUIDE FOR PARENTS OR IN-LAWS – Why are they so hard to shop for?!?! It’ll be up soon!

GIFT GUIDE FOR THE COOK – This goes for all the cooks + foodies!! So many good things and so many are staples in our home. 

GIFT GUIDE FOR THE HOMEBODY – Probably my favorite category.. haha. I love home so much! 

GIFT GUIDE FOR COWORKERS – Things they actually want, budget friendly too.

GIFT GUIDE FOR THE BEAUTY GURU – All my holy grail + tried and true faves!

GIFT GUIDE FOR THE FAMILY – Family time is so dang important and these gift will help bring your fam together.

GIFT GUIDE FOR THE TRAVELER – ALL of the essentials.. all of my favorites.. gosh, I couldn’t survive without a lot of this on trips. 

GIFT GUIDE STOCKING STUFFERS – A few faves to throw into yours, your spouses, or your kid’s stockings.

FAVORITE THINGS PARTY GIFT GUIDE – Tonssss of requests for this last year! I broke it down by price too to make it super easy.