Holiday Gift Guide for Co-Workers – 2023

Whether your coworker is your BFF or an acquaintance, I’ve got a gift for that!

Leather Mat – We put one of these in the office and I love it, acts as a mouse pad too. Makes everything look really nice.

Blue Light Glasses – I have multiple pair of these glasses, if you’re staring at a computer all day long, they block the blue light! Gotta keep those eyes healthy.

Wireless Charger – Not only will it charger your phone, but it’s a stand too.

Desk Vacuum – I’m shocked at how much dust and crumbs are around our desk areas, this is super handy to suck up all the little stuff.

Car Litter Bag – Good for the car, but you could totally have it at a desk or small area!

Cord Organizers – Braun and I love these, makes it so the cord doesn’t fall down or get tangled. We have them on our nightstand. GAME CHANGER.

Rip Off Calendars – The gift that keeps on giving, ALL YEAR. I love these ones: CUTE + SIMPLE | OMG FACTS | LIFE HACKS

Large Weekly Note Pad – I LOVE planning out my weeks on these, makes it easy to see everything that’s going on and visualize what I need to do.

Notebooks – Love the colors of these, I’m a big fan of office supplies if ya can’t tell. They make me so excited haha.

Paper Mate Pens – Easily one of my favorite pens! These were the top seller in July during Prime Days! They glide so well and are so fun to write with. These are the ones I shamelessly tried in Target, and yes, I bought the notebook too.

Old School Library Card Notepad – I bought this a couple months ago and love it! Super cute and a great size.

Monitor Memo Board – If you are always needing to be reminded about things (GUILTY!) Then this will be awesome. Keeps notes right by your screen for easy access.

Embroidery Kit – How cute is this? My girls love doing these, such a fun skill to have. Here’s a few more kits I like.. 3 PACK FLORAL PLANTS | 3 PACK WARM FLORALS | 4 PACK BRIGHT FLORALS

Paper Clip Pen Holder – Saw these on TikTok and thought it was GENIUS. Holds your papers together + a pen… maybe add a little something else with this one haha.

Nutcracker Puzzle – I love a good puzzle, especially over the holidays when everyone is home and spending time together, this one is super cute.

Transparent Sticky Notes – My absolute fave! They are also great for the kids to be able to trace and take notes in their books!

Ello Mug – I shared this mug a while back! It fits perfectly in cupholders, and has a silicone bottom so if you’re setting it on something wooden you don’t need a coaster and it’s non slip!

Tablet Mount – If you want an extra screen you can mount your tablet to your computer screen.

Phone Mount – Same thing as the one above, just for your phone, it’d be nice to see texts and what not.. even what a show! haha

Candle Warmer – I have a few of these in my house, super nice if you (or your kids) forget about lit candles. This one has a timer to it automatically turns off and I’ve found that the candles last a lot longer.

Home Office Candle – You could get whatever candle you wanted, but these homesick candles are awesome! They have a ton of different scents so if you have someone from out of state or whatever you can get them a “New York” candle if they’re from there! This one from Anthro is another fave of mine.

Car Cleaning Putty – We gave this to Em last year, it’s awesome for getting into those hard to reach dusty places in your car.

Paint By Number – We all love these in our house! Easy to follow and you get some pretty rad art out of it.

BRNG Bag – These have become a FAVE this year. Like a reusable grocery bag on steroids. Durable, easy to clean out, and come in cute patterns/colors. Code TARA saves you 15%!

Birdie Alarm – Perfect if you’ve got friends that work late, you can never be too safe!

Anker 6ft Chargers – A Thueson family staple. Each of us have our own color because Braun was sick of his going missing. They have USB-C and Lightning for whatever ya need. It also have a little clip so it rolls up so nicely.

Cord Burritos – Another organization saving grace. We love these to keep cords put together. Code TARA works for free shipping over $50!

Rip Away Calendar – Okay, this one is cool! You rip off a page each day and at the end of the year you have a piece of art.

Stanley – Gotta stay hydrated and in my opinion, this is the only way to do that! Haha.

Screen Cleaning Wipes – These work for glasses + screens. Comes in a huge pack so you can break them up if ya want. I feel like I always need these! A very practical, but useful gift.

Spinning Pen Holder – Like a lazy susan for your office supplies, plus it’s cute!

Stanley Snack Tray – I bought one of these and am surprised at how much I love it… It slides right over the top of your stanley and can hold so many snacks. Grab this and a few fave snacks and you’ve got yourself a great gift!