Holiday Gift Guide for Babies – 2023

Babies are the easiest to shop for, but also the hardest because they grow out of things so dang quick! Here’s some of my faves from when my kids were young + a few new things that weren’t around when I was in that phase of mom hood. If you’re looking for kids stuff check out the BOYS gift guide!

Walker – I saw Kelsi from @fullmhouse share about this with her little babe and he LOVES strolling around in this. Has a little tray to put toys or food on too!

Hatch Sound Machine – Made for babies, but I use this on vacation too! It comes with 12 sound options, plus it’s super cute.

Exersaucer – So many different activities on this one to keep them busy.

Portable High Chair – This is so great for travel! It slides onto a chair so you babe can sit up to the table. Love how small it can get.

Shape Sorter – Lots of shapes to learn about and improve fine motor skills.

Newton Crib Mattress – Really wish I would have known about these when my kids were little! The mattress is

Teether – Love that this one is circular and has different textures all around it.

Beanie – There is nothing cuter than a baby in a beanie and this one is SO CUTE. Here’s another cute one I love.

Snowsuit – Keep your baby warm with this suit! Plus they’ll look like a little marshmallow. haha

Penguin Teether – This is made so babies can hold onto it easier! Advertised as anti-drop which is huge if your in the baby stage!

Xylophone – You made regret this one, but fun for those fine motor skills.

Booties – Easy to slide on and will keep their feet super warm.

Tubby Todd – I used this when my kids were little! It’s the BEST for sensitive skin. This link will save ya $$$.

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger – Another one that I wish was around when my kids were little. It hugs your baby and keeps them nice and cozy.

Goosebumps Knotted Gown – These are mega soft and love the knotted bottoms for easy diaper changes. Code TARA will save you!

Walker – Not only does it help your babe walk, but it has some sensory toys and activities on the front and side to keep them entertained while they aren’t walking.

Hatch – My boys STILL use this, so many awesome features that can be controlled from the app. You can use it as a nightlight, sound machine, and alarm clock.

Ugg Booties – Love that these have a soft bottom, plus the fabric is so lush.

Jolly Jumper – A great way to get alllll the energy out. Do they have a size for Dash? haha They also have one that hooks to the doorframe if you’re tight on space!

Chain Teether – Another great teething option! Made with silicone so it’s super easy to clean.

Receiving Blanket – When I saw these customizable receiving blankets I knew they had to be on the gift guides this year! So classic and definitely a keepsake! Love that they are a cotton knit.

Stacking Cups – This one will be great into toddlerhood too. Love the muted colors.

Soft Books – Lots of different textures in these ones! You don’t have to worry about them ruining it either because it’s made of cloth. Visual Quiet Book + This set of 3 are super great.

Sensory Toy – I see these toys everywhere! Super popular and I can see why there’s so many things to play with.

Ball Pit – You may regret this one because balls will be everywhere, but imagine the joy on their faces! Plus, I could see hours of entertainment.

Tummy Time Water Mat – Tummy time is super important to get those muscle working, this makes it fun and entertaining!