Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers – 2023

If you’ve got a 2-4 year old running around this one is for you! I always try to include gifts that are going to last and that they’ll play with for years, not just a couple weeks. Not quite in the toddler phase yet? Check out the BABY gift guide!

Dress Up Center – If you have a little one that loves to play dress up, this is perfect! Has a mirror on the side and little shelves for accessories. I love that it’ll keep everything organized!

Wiggle Car – My kids loved these growing up, and they’ll play with them for years and years.

Mini Tramp – This tramp from gather is not only GORGEOUS, it’s great for getting energy out during the cold winter months.

Stuffed Bunny – A classic! The bunny is so cute.

Talking Flash Cards – So great for letter recognition, and matching words to pictures.

3 Wheel Scooter/ Bike – It can be tricky to help toddlers learn how to ride a scooter! This makes it easy because it’ll stay stood up because of the three wheels. PLUS, it folds down so they can sit and ride it like a bike!

Magnetic Tiles – Hours and hours of play with these. I love toys that are open ended play, heck your older kids will love these too.

Books – Here’s a few cute books!

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

Sleepy Time Nighty-Night

In My Heart

I’ll Love You Till the Cows Come Home

8 Little Plants

My Magical Choices

The Color Monster

Sensory Bin Table – You can fill this table up with so many different things to keep your kids entertained. Kinetic sand, water, toys, the possibilities are endless!

Smol Bounce House – Not only are these bounce houses so dang CUTE, they’ll be used over and over again. They have quite a few sizes to fit your space. Code TARA saves you 10%!

Gathre Play Block Set – Another set that will help to entertain during the cold months! So many options for play on this.

Balance Bike – Dash and Jett loved these when they were little, helped them learn to ride a bike so much quicker!

Lounge Littles Pajamas – You’re going to love these. They are so dang soft, comes in the cutest colors, and are made to last! They made them with the arms and legs longer so that your kids can wear them longer. Code TARA gets you 20% off (the highest discount they offer right now)!

Tonies – I’m sure you’ve seen these on your feed. Love that it’s screen free, you can get different characters that will tell your kids stories.

Stanley – I’m convinced there’s nothing cuter than a little kid holding a tiny Stanley!

Kitchen Helper – If you’ve got a kid that loves to “help” in the kitchen, this product is awesome. Puts them at counter height safely, and folds down to be a table + chair too.

Camera – This will actually take pictures that you can download, so fun for them to get creative!

Beddy’s – We are Beddy’s obsessed at our house! Transitioning from a crib to a big bed can be tricky, but making their bed won’t. Beddy’s just came out with a sister brand called Nod + Winks with the cutest kids prints. Code TARA saves you 20%!

Train Table – This is one of those toys that you’ll have for 20 years because it’s such a classic! Love that the table has a storage drawer.

Tubby Todd – When my kids were little, this is what I used on their sensitive skin. It’s the BEST! This link will save ya $$!

Kadu – Another open ended toy that the whole family would love. You can build so many different things. Code TARA saves you 20%!

Jungle Gym – A toy that has it ALL. Basketball hoop, soccer goal, slide, and car! My boys would have loved this when they were little.

Tunnel – Not only will your cats love it (if you have them haha) but so will your toddlers! It folds up small too.

Golf Set – Okay, how cute is this? Braun’s dream come true! You can never start practicing too early. haha

Stair Slide – Endless hours of fun. I like this one compared to traditional slides because it folds up small! So you don’t have a big ole slide in the middle of your living room.