Valentine’s Gift Guide for Boys – 2024

Blink – If you need quick and easy card games this is a great one for all ages.

Backpack – My boys love this backpack.

Stanley – Did you really think we were going to have a gift guide without a Stanley? These 20 oz ones are perfect to take to school and after school activities.

Candy – Dash and Jett love these heart shaped ones! Dash will be thrilled to receive the Reese’s one.

Foil Art – I grabbed these for the boys when we went to Hawaii to keep them busy during downtime/traveling. They love them!

Foam Airplanes – A great non-candy Valentine to pass out to classes, my boys would love to keep all of them for themselves too.

Shark Watch – The best gift I’ve gotten my boys EVER. They wear them every single day and love them so much!! Tons of colors + designs. Jett likes the velcro strap and Dash is cool with either! Code TARA10 gets you 10% off.

Soccer Ball – How cute is this ball? It’s really great quality too!

Monster Craft – Little crafts like these are so much fun for the kids.

Kendama – You’ll get addicted to playing this haha. Definitely a great way to keep kids busy.

Soccer Initial Chain – I bought these for Dash + Jett for Christmas and they haven’t taken them off.

Clip On Speaker – Super loud and easy to take on the go!

Gold Chain – I don’t understand the rage for these, but the boys love to wear them. They got some for Christmas in 2022 and wear them every day.

Tee Toss – We played this in a sports store in Hawaii for about an hour, it’s so addicting! the ball is connected to a string and the goal is to swing it and try and get it on the tee.

Books – Here’s some cute Valentine’s book ideas: I’ll Love You Till the Cows Come Home and Little Blue Truck’s Valentine.

Hair Gel – My go to for my boys, hold their hair all day long. Use it on dry hair!

Galaxy Light – Both of my boys sleep with this on in their rooms. It displays on the wall which is cool.

Bounce Battle – There are a ton of ways to play this one trick shots, strategy, skill… we have loved playing it.

Coloring Book – Such a great coloring book reminding them of how great they are! They could always use those reminders, right? Here and here are some other ones I found.

Nerf Gun – My boys and their friends go crazy with nerf gun wars!

Fidget Spinners – These are always a winner. We have so many laying around the house and we all play with them!

Pickle Ball Paddles – We love to play this game as a family in the spring and summer, it’s so much fun!

Conversation Cards – I love talking with my kids and these cards make it easier to get into deeper convos.

Hookey Ring Toss – Better then darts putting holes in your wall…. Same concept though!

Mother + Son Journal – A great way to slow down and connect with your son. You’ll probably learn stuff you didn’t know about them too! Such a cherished gift too.

Pop Darts – Such a fun game that WON’T dent your walls. My boys love it!