Valentine’s Gift Guide for Teen Girls – 2024

Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts – I don’t care what you say, these are far superior to the regular Reese’s cups.

Jewelry Dish – Loving these cute, simple dishes for rings, earrings and necklaces! They’re stackable too.

BAGGU Faves – My girls love, love, love Baggu here’s all their faves! 

Glossier Roller – This perfume works with your body’s PH so it smells different on everyone. The full size is available too! My girls also really like THIS ONE.

Converse – The texture on these is sooo cute. Anisten loves her converse! She wears them all the time.

Ice Roller – Feel super nice on your face and helps with inflammation!

Thread Crossbody – This is the perfect size for teens who just want to carry the essentials (which is most of the teens I know haha).

Summer Friday Lip Mask – Emery’s favorite. It can be used as a gloss or as an overnight mask. Super hydrating and some great color options.

Personalized Phone Case – I thought this phone case was so dang cute!

Crossbody Chain – This will make almost any bag a crossbody. Love the simplicity of it.

52 Moderns Manners for Today’s Teens – I shared this book a while back, it’s great! You can focus on a new manner each week.

Heart Studs – A flat back earrings is all the rage, I mean why wouldn’t it be? They’re soo much more comfortable. These are dainty and classic.

Dangly Heart Earrings – Another great earring option, especially if your girls like mixing metals.

Red Aspen Nails – There’s tons of basic colors and minimal designs and lots of fun designs too!

Tula Skincare – My girls use a majority of Tula skincare products! There favorites are the cult classic cleanser and the exfoliating scrubs. Code TARA will save you 15%!

Personalized Bracelet – I think this is such a thoughtful gift. I know both of my girls would love it!

Photo Printer – This is a super easy way to be able to print 4×6 photos. My girls love to have pics hanging in their room and this makes it so they can do it at home in a breeze.

+Lux Unfiltered Gradual Tanning Lotion – This is a great option for a nice (and forgiving) tan. It also smells amazing.

Ruffle Socks – These are super trendy right now. The colors are so cute!

Silver Heart Earrings – I guess I just found some really cute earrings since there’s three on here. haha

Gel Nail Set – My girls use their gel nail set WEEKLY. This comes with everything you’d need to get started.

Curling Iron – I’ve RAVED about this curling iron for a year now. I originally got it for Anisten for Christmas and has to go back and order myself some. It’s the best one I’ve found.

Rhode Lip Tint – Em loves finding new lip glosses and this one is a fave. Buildable, glossy, and comes in the prettiest colors.

Bows – Another trendy item at the moment. You could wear these in pigtails, ponytails, half up/half down, braids, you name it!

Clear Makeup Bag – This is a great size and I love that it’s clear on both sides so you can see everything.

Car Litter Bags – A great gift, especially if you’ve got a new driver!

Stanley – You know I had to put this on here! Tons of cute colors are available right now too.

Journal – I love this! I used to journal all the time, I wish that I still did. Hoping my girls will get into it. Loving THIS ONE too.