Valentine’s Gift Guide for Teen Boys – 2024

Stanley – You know I had to put this on here! Tons of great colors are available right now too. My boys really love the ice flow ones.

Sunglasses – An essential, these are amazing quality and a great price point.

Cologne – Teen boys love to smell good right? This cologne is right up their alley! Has a lot of great reviews.

Lola Blankets – Everyone used to steal mine in the house, so I had to get them all their own. They’ve quickly made there way to the top of the Thueson fam faves! The softest blankets we’ve come across. Code TARA45 will save you.

Anker Charger – We swear by Anker chargers, the best quality we’ve been able to find. This one is MASSIVE and will charge your laptop, phone, etc.

Thread Wallet – This is the perfect wallet for teens. They don’t have a ton to carry around so this works great.

Reese’s Heart Candy – There are a ton of options for these! Pick their favorite out. I always feel bad for my teenagers because they don’t get all the candy and fun class parties anymore!

Lip Balm – This stuff is gooood. Smells great too, it’s a bit minty! This is what we use all summer long because it has SPF in it.

Speaker – I shared about this on my Christmas gift guides! It’s the most durable speaker and has quality sound.

Gold Chain – I think these are here to stay! This one has great reviews.

Zit Patches – We go through these in the Thueson household like they are candy. They pull all the gunk out of zits, just slap one of these babies on before bed and boom it’s gone (or way smaller) by morning.

Pickle Ball Set – We love playing as a family! It’s so fun to be able to get outside and active together. We have a few of these paddles and love them.

Phillips Trimmer – One of the top sellers of 2022 + 2023.. and for good reason! This bad boy is amazing at getting all the neck + back hair and a crisp, clean line. I also use it to cute my boys’ hair, there’s tons of attachments that come with it.

Hookey – Better then darts putting holes in your wall…. Same concept as darts though!

Shark Watch – Dash + Jett’s most used Christmas present from last year. They LOVE them. They’ve recently come out with a lot of great colorways too. Code TARA10 saves you 10%.

Baseball Cap – A great basic and a great price point too, on sale for $19!

Car Litter Bag – There’s tons of great designs on the site right now!

Tee Toss – We played this in a sports store in Hawaii for about an hour, it’s so addicting! the ball is connected to a string and the goal is to swing it and try and get it on the tee.

Luminuex – The only teeth whitening strips that don’t make my teeth super sensitive. THIS LINK will save you $4 on the 7 day pack.

Popdarts – Okay this game looks super fun and I’ll def be getting it for our fam! Easy for all ages to play and I’m sure we will get crazy competitive haha.

Stance Socks – These are all my boy’s faves. The no shows are fantastic as well.