Just scored this jacket from Free People! Are we kidding with the color? It’s so cute. I own quite a few of this jacket, it’s so warm but not super thick. I’m in the small here.

These jeans are soooo good! They’re Joe’s Jeans, which are where some of the most comfortable jeans I’ve worn are from. Wearing my true size.

These MOU boots are super cute! I def feel like they’re overpriced. But, I still grab for them all the time because they’re so easy to throw on and go in the winter!

My necklace is from Dorsey! Braun got it for me as a gift a few years back and I love it so much.

As always, my loopy case! They recently dropped new designs and they’re so dang cute. I have had one these on my phone for like 8 years and it’s my saving grace when it comes to my phone not ending up on the floor. Code TARA10 saves you 10% on one case and TARA15 saves you 15% on 2 or more!