Favorite Things Party Holiday Gift Guide – 2023

This is a new one this year after many requests to do it! I tried to keep the prices fairly low, but there’s varying price ranges! There’s quite a few beauty products on here, you can find more on the BEAUTY GURU gift guide.


CSE Single Packs – My favorite protein powder in a single serving variety pack. It’s $28.99 for 10 single packs, making them $2.90 when you split them up. Plus use code TARA for an extra 10% off.

Aquaphor Healing Stick – Aquaphor is the the best for dry lips and skin, I don’t go anywhere without this in the winter! Love the stick version because it’s mess free.

Stanley Carrier – You know when we were stoked to have a tumbler with a handle? Well, I can’t be bothered with that convenience any more, I need to be hands free 😂. In all seriousness, I take this with me when I have to haul a bunch of stuff, like to soccer games! Comes in a ton of colors too!

Lanolips – Super hydrating lip ointment!

Diva Air Freshener – A pack of 6 is $12. It smells sooooo good! I’ve given a ton of friends these.

Compact Mirror – I keep this in my purse and one in my travel bag. It’s got lights all around it so it’s perfect for on the go. It’s typically on sale!

Papermate Pens – Is it dumb to have these on the list? haha I don’t care! They are the best pens and have been top sellers for quite a few years now.

Magnetic Pill Case – Another one that has been a top seller for over a year! I keep one every where bathroom, car, purse, travel bag. You can put you little knick knacks in it. The small version is under $10!

Covergirl Lipstick – This says it’s 24 hour stay when you put it on, I always put a gloss over it so it never lasts that long, but it’s such a great color and you can’t beat the price!

Better Greens – If you love greens, you’d love the better days ones! They have great flavors, caffeine free, caffeinated, and many more products! The single variety packs would make such a great gift all together or split up! Code TARA works for 10% off.

Mixhers – Speaking of drink mixes.. have you heard of Mixhers? They originally started with HerTime which helps to balance your horomones before/ after your period. They’ve come out with so many more drink mixes since! Code TARA saves you 10%! You could gift single packs, or they came out holiday tins (a bit more expensive, but packaged sooo cute!)

Andar Cord Burritos – Braun loves these. Ensures that all your cords stay wrapped and the leather is so nice. Code TARA gets you free shipping on orders over $59

Silicone Air Fryer Liners – I’m about to blow your mind… you know how you use your air fryer one time grab your food and then the next time you use it it’s a mess? Well, if you put one of these bad boys in all you have to do is clean the liner.

CORSX Snail Mucus Mask – Another great one to split up and give out! Perfect for teen girl gifts too. They work amazing, you just can’t think about the fact that you’re putting snail mucus on your face.

Bug Bite Thing – May seem weird to give as a gift, but I promise they’ll use it all the time. This sucks the venom out of bug bites so they go away quicker!

Ring Cleaning Pen – Makes your ring so dang sparkly, lasts forever too!

Jack Black Lip Balm – Our entire family loves this stuff and it’s an essential in the summer because it has SPF in it.


Anker Charger – Each person in our fam has their own color of charger because Braun was sick of his going missing. These are the 6 ft ones and come with a cord clip too. They’re the best. Here’s the link to the USB-C one!

Shine Lip Gloss – I helped create 2 lip glosses with Shine that I LOVE, Goals + Bloom! It’s a great non-sticky gloss that comes in the prettiest colors. Code TARA saves you 10%.

Sunglasses – Bought these over the summer and love them! Come in a ton of cute colorways. PLUS, they don’t get stuck in your hair when you put them on top of your head.

Old School Library Card Notepad – I bought this a couple months ago and love it! Super cute and a great size.

Stanley Carrier – This was a big fave of everyone’s this year! Comes in lots of colors.

Tula Holiday Exfoliating Scrub – I gift these ALL the time. The scents are amazing and it stuffs off dead skin like nobody’s business. Grab the three pack and use code TARA to save 15%!

Amber Roller – I’m not good at describing perfume scents, but take my word for it that this one smells great! Perfect to throw in a purse.

Butter Dish – This is the one I use, It’s got a great seal on the lid too so it keeps the butter fresh.

Clean Monday Meals Ramen Seasoning – Tears filled my eyes when I first ate this, not kidding. haha Being gluten-free there’s some foods that you miss and ramen was oddly one of them. This seasoning is gluten free and I use the Costco rice noodles with it.

Clean Skin Club Towels – Love drying my face off with these, way better than using a towel over and over again.

Red Aspen – The best 2 week manicure money can buy. So many cute holiday + classic designs are our right now too!

Stanley Snack Tray – I bought one of these and am surprised at how much I love it… It slides right over the top of your stanley and can hold so many snacks. Grab this and a few fave snacks and you’ve got yourself a great gift! Love that this one has a lid and it’s deeper compartments than the one I have, which means more snacks!

Geometry Towels – The most absorbent towel EVER. The patterns + designs are so cute (they have holiday ones too!) They hold up so well and fold nicely. Code TARA saves you 35% through November and 15% in December!


Dime Roller Perfume – I know what you might be thinking, Tara that isn’t under $25, well! You get 2 rollers, split them into two and use my code TARA20 for an extra 20% off and BOOM under $25. My fave scents are Core Memory and Dan Le Bois.

Tarte Concealer Brush – This brush smooths out concealer so dang well, been using for about a year now and love.

Summer Friday Lip Mask – Emery’s favorite. It can be used as a gloss or as an overnight mask. Super hydrating and some great color options.

Glow Beauty Brush – Love, love, love this brush. The bristles are metal so it feels like a head massage every time you use it. Designed my cosmetologist too! Code TARA saves you 10%! The mini they just launched is under $25.


Cozy Confidence Curl Band – Heatless curls were a huge trend this year and this was the best band I found BY FAR. Comfortable to sleep in and the curls turn out amazing. Code TARA saves you 10%.

Anker Lightning Charger – Love this charger! It’s cordless which makes it easy to throw in your purse and when your phone battery is low you just plug it in, works with a loopy case too.

Coco + Even Face Tanning Mist – This gives the prettiest tanned glow WITHOUT having to touch your hands to your face! Code TARA save you an extra a 15% on single products.

Lighting Charger Station – If you get the Anker lightning chargers, this is a must! You can charge 4 at a time.

Cakes Nipple Covers – I got these for our Hawaii trip in October and am obsessed. They don’t use adhesive so you don’t have to replace them. They’re also super thin so you can’t see the outline of them. Code TARA works for 10% off + free shipping!


Hatch Sound Machine – I use the Hatch Restore when I’m at home, but love this when traveling because it blocks out an outside noise and it’s small. It comes with 12 different sound options, brown noise is my fave.

Osea Body Oil – I don’t think I can live without this product anymore. It’s hydrating, smells good, and leaves skin buttery soft! Use code TARAHOLIDAY for 10% off.

Dior Lip Glow Oil – You may be thinking $40 for a lip gloss?! Well, it is designer and it’s the BEST. Lasts forever too. My fave is the Rosewood color.

Brng Bag – This is a reusable bag on steroids! Thicker material, reinforced handle, and a hard bottom insert. I use these for EVERYTHING. Code TARA works for 15% off!