Wedding OOTD!

I struggled so bad to find something that I loved for this wedding!! Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions… I didn’t go with any of them. What the heck Tara!?!? The real problem was I totally decided on a different color scheme so, yeah. Sorry guys.

This dress is from Madewell! It’s SUPER comfortable, flowy-but-not-baggy + on sale. Basically the biggest win, win ever… right!?!?

These shoes are Free People! I got them in the mahogany color but they come in EIGHT colors and they’re all amazing. Love that the heel is covered so the straps don’t give blisters.

My necklace is from Madewell, too! I’ve been wearing this one for awhile now and you guys always ask about it! The stars are super cute and don’t poke at all and they’ve got turquoise in the middle. I have the matching sun one as well… they’re fun to stack or wear separate!

Of course, I’ve got my loopy case on (one of the many I own.. what can I say? I am hooked!) You can use code TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple to save a few bucks! This iridescent one is my favorite one they’ve ever come out with!

I totally used heat on my hair, so I’m sorry for this no heat summer challenge I’m totally failing but did you see my stories?? Mexico did a number on these locks. However, keeping my Mexico glow with a little glow screen + my mist tanner.