June ’21 Top Sellers

I could make a list a mile long of the things I purchased and loved in June – but I’ll keep it short and simple. Here’s a list of the things I shared that YOU all are loving! Basically a monthly compilation of the weekly top 10s… but if you missed something and can’t find it on my page, this is a great reference!

Red Aspen Nails – ahhh, I think these may always be on top! I’m so glad you love them as much as I do. Can we say it together?! NO MORE SALON MANIS! 10 minutes at home and lasts two weeks + no damage to your nail bed.

Neck Fan – Honestly I was SHOCKED at how many of you bought and are loving these neck fans. Like actually blew me away, haha! I’ve seen you guys tag me with them in use from everything from warehouse jobs to mowing the lawn, to relaxing beach days.

Moji Life Products – They recently changed up to the airmoji II and totally upped their car scent game. And that app!?? Seriously love this company. I fell in love with them at parade of homes YEARS ago now! How crazy is that!? I’ve tried everything from pura to scentsy to wall plug ins.. The Moji blows it all out of the water. It’s the only thing that keeps a consistent scent in my house instead of just puffs of smell every now and then.

iPhone/Tablet Stand – This went on an absolutely crazy sale in June and you guys snatched it right up.. GUESS WHAT?! It’s still on that major sale if you missed out! It’s usually $50.. it’s currently on sale for $27 PLUS there’s a 40% off coupon to clip. Insane. I have multiple, I use it for everything phone or iPad related – especially to see recipes when I’m cooking!

Dive Gems – Hope your kids are enjoying these as much as mine are. It’s so funny how something so simple can totally elevate an experience! The boys especially would spend hoooouuurrrsss with these if I let them!! We are taking them to St. George with us at the end of the month!

FP Way Home Shorts – hello FP?? Can we keep these indefinitely in stock please!??? Haha, they actually came out with a few new styles I need to order! I’ll show you them below… those embroidered ones are to die for! + what are the noiseless ones!?!?!?!? POCKETS???

Modere Collagen – this stuff… I’ve been taking it for sooo long now and it’s made a huge difference in hair/skin/nails and joints! My code finally changed to TARA instead of a bunch of numbers!

Clean Simple Eats Protein – ALLLLL my favorite flavors launched recently but they’re selling out super quickly. Bananas foster, caramel toffee + this peaches one is delicious also! my code TARA works for 10% off on proteins and 15% off on books.

Isle of Paradise – this set is the best. The super size drops are actually enormous. They’ll last forever! The self tanning butter is also amazing and goes on so smoothly. I get the dark and just use a couple. You get more bang for your buck.

Walmart Shorts – I can’t believe how much you guys loved these. Sooo many pairs of these were sold. They come in a pack of two and they’re only $14!!

ooni pizza oven – best father’s day gift ever. Braun loves this thing, and I totally do too! This is the one we tried at a friend’s house and had to have!!

Lip Velvet – I worked on this for so dang long, and I just want to shout THANK YOU at the top of my lungs for all of your support. You guys blew me away.

Coconu – How many of you are still debating this purchase!?!? Honestly I think it was the most sold item on my father’s day gift guide!! You’ll both thank me. I’m not called “the lube lady” by half of my followers for nothing, haha.

Moses Slides – It’s so fun seeing which colors you guys grab! These pair I think are my favorites, followed closely by the black and white splatter ones I have!

Loopy – Sooooo do you have this iridescent case yet?!?!? It always bums me out because I don’t see the exact selections you guys make, only how many of you purchase!! Loopy is the BEST. This iridescent one is my favorite they’ve ever made.

Jumbo Connect 4 – The girls and I had so much fun playing this and I definitely think we will have this set up a majority of the summer!!

ELEMIS Cleansing Balm – This stuff works actual miracles on removing makeup! Hope you all are loving yours, I’d love to hear!!

Ripstop Pants – Both Braun + I + a bunch of you are loving these pants!! Perfect for daily wear or adventures. They come in men and women’s and some cute colors!

T-Shirt Dress – Target for the WIN this month. They restocked these dresses in even more colors! My favorite part is the sleeve length!

Andar Denner Wallet – So I totally shared the code for Father’s Day BUT it seems like somehow more women things got bought more than men’s and I totally giggled at that one. Treat yo’ self, or something like that haha! This is seriously my fave, and clearly yours too since it’s sold out… it should be back soon – so I’ll leave it linked here anyway! 🙂 My code TARA20 is always good on their site.

Red Aspen Fulfilled Palette – Remember that sale?? you guys totalllllly snagged all the palettes!! This is my absolute favorite eyeshadow and I use it daily!! It’s 100% worth the price on sale, or not.

Is there something in here you grabbed? or something in here you debated and might now?? I’d love to hear more of what you’re wanting to see/want my reviews on!! xx