Gabb Wireless – November 50% off SALE!

Let’s talk tech! We’ve swapped both boys over to a phone-watch.. after trying a few of them, we landed on Gabb and it’s been great. We’ve tried the phone route, we tried the gizmo + other carrier’s watches.. Gabb is where it’s at. I have a 50% off code to share with you guys if you think it’ll be a good fit for your family… Code: TARA or just use THIS LINK. I’ll go over the two products that they offer and then I’ll tell you a little of why Gabb is my favorite for the kids.

Let me start by saying YES! You can totally pre-buy this for Christmas. You’ll have to pay one month of service when it ships, but then you can choose to suspend it until you’re ready to use it without any penalties or fees charged! 🙂

There’s a lot of really amazing features about this phone.. but it’s something it doesn’t have that makes it amazing:

  • No Internet
  • No Social Media
  • No App Store

You pay the initial cost of the device (99.99.. but 50% off with code TARA) and then you pay a monthly fee for the phone plan. There are no contracts and you can stop at any time. There are two different plans you can choose from.. The major difference is group + picture messaging, or not. The Plus allows those two things… both plans allow text

Gabb Plan – $19.99

Gabb Plus Plan – $24.99

Each plan comes with GPS Location services, including tracking, with the MyGabb Parent App… this is helpful for you as a parent to know where your kiddo is BUT it’s also super helpful for finding a lost phone haha! Each phone also is fingerprint password protected and has bluetooth speakers.

Gabb also has a screen protector and a case available to purchase separately. Case colors include: black, red, rose gold and lavender.

Intended for ages 8-13, but great for anyone!

The Gabb Watch is a phone in itself and does not need to be paired with a phone, which is super nice! It’s little but has LOTS of features!

  • Call
  • Text (pre-set texts) + Emojis
  • Voice Message
  • Custom contact list – this means no outside calls or messages will go to the watch
  • SOS/Emergency Contact (press and hold to discreetly contact the emergency contact!)
  • “Safe Zones” that will send notification to parents when the kid enters that area (great for school if your kids ride the bus, walk to friends houses, etc)
  • Lock Mode during school hours to avoid distractions
  • Sweat/water resistent
  • Gabb Go/Task Manager (I’ll talk about this one further down the post!)
  • Step Counter

The watch costs $99.99, but 50% off with my code TARA. There are a few options for the Gabb Watch for monthly pricing..

2 Year Contract – $9.99/Month

1 Year Contract – $12.99/Month

No Contract – $16.99/Month

Each plan option allows for all of the things above alike!

Gabb offers screen protectors + watch bands in: black, red, blue, pink and purple

Intended for ages 5-8 to prepare for the phone, but will fit bigger wrists if it seems to be a good fit for longer!

Use code TARA to save 50% off on all Gabb devices!!

We grabbed both options for the boys to see what was going to be the best fit. Although we really liked the phones, the watches are the best fit for them right now because I’m pretty sure they’d just lose the phones… for sure. haha. Plus it’s waterproof.. so when they’re catching crawdads and forget it’s on, it’s not a big deal. We tried a couple of other brands – and these ones are actually a lot smaller watch face and fit the boys the best, the service also seems to be the best on these also.

I’ve preset a bunch of messages and locations in their watches.. so when they get to school their friend’s houses they can click the “I’m here” button and it sends their location and the text right to my phone. They can also send me voice messages that go right to my phone and I can send one back. You can set into 10 contacts in the watch.. right now the boys only have me, braun + the girls. The battery lasts a couple of days, so it’s fine if we forget to charge it for a night (which happens.. a lot haha)

We use the lock mode during school + church, as well as special events! This makes it so the watches can’t be used except to call their emergency contact (me). This is super nice, they know when it’s on lock mode.. I really like this feature because it makes them less anxious and I know they aren’t waiting for something to hit their watch or playing with it during important times. The sound can also be turned up really high for hard of hearing kiddos, down low or on silent/vibrate.

I know I listed allllll the things this watch does up there, BUT, I really wanted to highlight the Gabb Go/Task Manager thing. Dash is a list dude… I can put in all his chores and he checks them off when he completes them. For each thing he completes, he earns coins! These coins can be used to take care of his watch animal. Sounds silly, but it really keeps him motivated. There’s a little animal in there that you have to walk (meet your steps!), feed, brush, wash, etc. It’s just a fun little way for him to stay on track.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback on these products. I bet you’ll love them as much as I do. It’s given us a huuuuuge peace of mind. Don’t forget my code TARA will save you on all devices.