Holiday Cards with Shutterfly

Partnership with Shutterfly

Can you believe that Christmas is a month away?! I’m so glad that I got my Christmas cards early from Shutterfly so that they maybe go out before Christmas is over. 😂 It’s crazy town at the Thueson house. Shutterfly holiday cards are 50% off right now so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, this is the best time to grab ‘em! You can also stack my code SHOPSTYLETARA on top of promos for an additional 5% off!

Customizable Christmas Cards

When picking Christmas cards the best tip I have is to make it simple. There are so many options and it can get overwhelming. Filters are key. If you know you want portrait and one photo Shutterfly makes it easy to only see those ones. I try not to overcomplicate mine and do one photo, I love this one we got from Hawaii! It blows my mind how old my kids are getting.

Cards + Envelopes | Self Inking Stamp

Another thing I love about Shutterfly is the envelope options and the personalized self inking stamp. Nobody has time to hand write 2 addresses on each envelope! Here are all the font options they have!

I always love reading what families doing, especially if I don’t ever see them! It’s seriously so easy to customize cards and to add family updates, or whatever you would like! Writing about each of my kids and what they have done in the last year has helped me reflect on how they have changed and grown up. It’s fun and a little bit sad all at the same time!

The best part is, you can use my code SHOPSTYLETARA for an additional 5% off sitewide promos when you shop!

Here are some of the Christmas card designs I’m loving (most are up to 50% off!):

Still needing gift ideas for a loved one? Grab a personalized one here:

Notebooks + Stationary (the best stocking stuffers!!)