Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers 2020

I’m not going to sugar coat this for you…beauty lovers are PICKY. They know what they like, what they don’t, what is inferior quality, and what are those must-have items. They’re discerning and to wow them,  you’ve really got to step up your game! Most people don’t even know where to begin when choosing what to give their beauty-minded loved ones for the holidays. It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, I’ve got the anecdote to your gift-giver’s block in 2020!

I rounded up all my favorites and the gifts I most want to give (and wouldn’t be sad to receive in return) this holiday season. Just don’t blame me if you end up buying any of these tempting items for yourself instead of someone else. I’ve heard it happens to the best of us…

1) TULA EYE BALMS: Eyes are the windows to the soul…and your age. Gift these eye balms so you and your loved ones can hold back the hands of time!

2) MASKCARA MAKEUP BRUSHES: I’ve owned a lot of makeup brushes and these are some of my holy grail brushes. If you’re shopping for just 1, these do double and triple duty!

3) ISLE OF PARADISE TANNING DROPS: I mix 3-4 drops of these with my normal moisturizer and faux tan my way through winter AND summer. You can also get an additional $10 off when you use code OFFER and a new email address.

4) GRANDE LASH: you know almost all lash serums bug my eye at some point but I love this brand and

5) SILK EYE MASK: Silk is one of the best things you can be putting next to your skin as you sleep and we have to protect those eyes!

6) GLOSSIER CLOUD PAINTS: I love these cloud paints for a light – barely-there cheek tint. You can build it as vibrant or as light as you want.

7) NAIL DASHES: I can’t believe I went almost the entire quarantine without getting my nails done! Nail Dashes have totally saved me – not to mention time at the salon. They take minutes to put on and are simple to take off. They’re $13 a box and can be reused! I get two sets out of each. One for me and one for Anisten!

8) SHINE LIPGLOSS: This is my go-to gloss (I DID design it after all) and I can honestly say it is the PERFECT nude! Use code TARA10 to snag it for your loved one (or you) for 10% off!


• • •

9) TULA MOISTURIZER: TULA is my staple skincare and I don’t go anywhere without it. This travel set makes the perfect stocking stuffer and you can use code TARATHUESON to get 15% off your purchase!

10) SLY BEAUTY MAKEUP CASE: Makeup will always be the bain of my existence. It feels like there is never any good place to put it! Until now – this leather makeup case is perfect to keep your vanity clear, your makeup organized, and is also amazing when traveling!

11) TARTE JUICY LIPS TRIO: This trio is so good! These colors go on transparent with just the slightest hint of color. They keep your lips hydrated and can be applied throughout the day!

12) TANNING MITT: This is the most useful life-hack ever. I CANNOT stress this enough: If you are a faux baker, make sure you apply your tanning product with a mitt! Get rid of streaks, cracks, and heavy-handed application with this mitt!

13) LOVING TAN MOUSSE: This is the stuff you use if you just shaved and have an hour to get to a party and look presentable…and tan. This doesn’t rub off, stink, or stain and is the perfect shade of “I just got off a plane from a week in Mexico” tan.

14) ARTIS BRUSHES: I picked up these Artis brushes a few months ago and I love the flawless airbrush finish they give my makeup!

15) SOON SKINCARE MASKS: Good skincare is step 1, but a good mask will make you feel like your in your very own spa on the regular.

16) CLEAR ZIPPER POUCHES: You know I don’t go anywhere without at least 485,384 pouches inside my purse at all times. They keep it organized and I always have what I need. Plus they’re easier to move from one purse to the next!

17) OLAPLEX NO. 6: If you color-treat your hair or it’s taking this dry winter extra hard, treat yourself or a loved one to my favorite hair care!

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