Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

I’m not saying women are the hardest to shop for but your roommate, partner, mom, sister, and BFF have probably been know to be particular (better word than picky) about their gifts.

Listen, it’s not because we’re not grateful, because we are. Most of the time we’re glad we were remembered! But it’s nice receiving a gift we wouldn’t normally get ourselves.

It may not look like it, but I HAVE narrowed down the best gifts to give all the women on your list this year. Highlights include matching sets, must-have footwear, most of my beauty favorites (remember all the hard work I did narrowing down this list), and some one-offs that will have her feeling like you went the extra mile this year.

And if you’re shopping for yourself, I promise you, you’re going to love everything I’ve listed here!

1) KINDLE: One of my favorite things to do is curl up with a good book. I do read on my iPad but it’s my Kindle that really gets used most. It’s waterproof, has Bluetooth, is backlit so you can read in any type of light, will also hold your favorite apps, and you can’t beat the price!

2) EXTERNAL COMPUTER BATTERY: This battery will charge your computer, your phone, and anything else you lug around that runs out of juice often. I love this charger because there isn’t always a place to plug in my computer!

3) AIRPODS PRO: Upgrade her earbuds with the new AirPods that even have noise canceling magic!

4) ANKER FLAT-WALL CHARGER: This charge easily plugs in behind dressers and beds and doesn’t get other stuff caught on it. It fits seamlessly against the wall and won’t get in the way of everything else.

5) ANDAR AIRPODS CASE: I’ve been a long-time fan of Andar and their leather cases keep your things protected. Unless you have a dog named Pennie. Then nothing is safe.


• • •

6) EYE MASSAGER: These are a welcome relief when you need a moment to relax or fight off an oncoming headache.

7) DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME: This is one of the best gifts we’ve given to loved ones. It flips through all your digital pictures and anyone with the app can upload pictures to the frame through the cloud!

8) KINDLE CASE: She’s going to need a sturdy and cute carrying case for her new Kindle!

9) SONY A9 CAMERA: Yes, it’s expensive. But being able to take incredible pictures the past few years has been one of the best gifts. They are pictures I will cherish and look at years and years from now. If you or the person you’re buying for is a budding photographer, this is a great camera!

10) ESSENTIAL OILS DIFFUSER: There are many reasons to diffuse essential oils! Oils such as peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree, sage, rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, and thyme are anti-microbial and when introduced into the air in vapor form, can be a great way to keep a cold or flu away. Essential oils can also be used to boost your immune system and diffusers double as humidifiers to help keep your airways moist causing you to breathe easier and be less susceptible to germs. This one does the job and is beautiful!

11) BRIXLEY TRAVEL CUBES: Hands down the cutest travel cubes I own and the most functional! Use code TARA10 for 10% off your order!

12) MZ WALLACE TRAVEL TOTE: This bag is big enough to be an overnight bag, the perfect carry-on, or just a I-need-to-haul-around-everything-I-own-bag.

13) CLHEI ZIP-AROUND WALLET: This wallet is amazing and I haven’t used anything else since I purchased it. And you can save a ton by shopping their Black Friday sale which goes until the 30th and will save you 35%!

14) SMALL LEATHER JEWELRY CASE: Grab this for the person just starting their jewelry collection. And is great for a weekend trip!

15) CLEAR ZIPPER POUCHES: You know I don’t go anywhere without at least 485,384 pouches inside my purse at all times. They keep it organized and I always have what I need. Plus they’re easier to move from one purse to the next!


• • •

16) SLY BEAUTY MAKEUP CASE: Makeup will always be the bain of my existence. It feels like there is never any good place to put it! Until now – this leather makeup case is perfect to keep your vanity clear, your makeup organized, and is also amazing when traveling!

17) SMALL MZ WALLACE TOTE: This is the little sister to the big one I love. This is for day-to-day wear and will hold everything you need!

18) LARGE LEATHER JEWELRY CASE: This is the jewelry case we gave Emery for her birthday – it holds a bit more than the smaller one and it holds quite a bit more. Plus they come in beautiful colors!

19) AZARIA BACKPACK: These backpacks/diaper bags are the best-designed bags I’ve come across in a long time! They’re absolutely beautiful and on sale until the 30th!

20) PASSPORT HOLDER: Anthropologie has the cutest passport cover and would make a great stocking stuffer!

21) EVERLANE JEANS: I’ve worn these jeans more days in a row than I care to admit but they’re that good! They’re the perfect cut and they only get better each time you wear them!

22) PLAIN JANE PAJAMAS: Everyone should have the perfect pair of knit sleepers for optimal sleeping and these are so dang cute!

23) ULTRABOOSTS: If you haven’t purchased a pair of these by now you have no idea what your feet are missing! These are the shoes I work out in every day + they make doing all day Disneyland a breeze!

24) LULEMON OVERSIZED SWEATSHIRT: is doing things right again and by that, I mean this sweatshirt. It’s perfectly oversized and comes in a million colors!

25) BAREFOOT DREAM SOCKS: If you know, you know. Barefoot Dreams makes the dreamiest blankets, socks, and robes.

26) KNIT FACE MASK: I found these masks a while ago and gave been loving them! They’re thin, the perfect size to provide additional breathing room, and I love that they’re nude!

27) DR MARTEN CHELSEA BOOT: I love these boots and I get asked about them ALL of the time! You don’t have to break them in like other Docs because of the shearling liner!


• • •

28) UGG SHORTIES: They have a hard time keeping these in stock and for good reason – they’re super cute. They’re short enough to wear with jeans and come in b;ack and tan. The perfect cold-weather bootie.

29) LOU & GREY JOGGER: I discovered Lou & Grey a while ago and love their sweatsuits! They’re incredibly lightweight, come in a bunch of colors, and are cut perfect! (joggers linked)

30) FREE PEOPLE CLOGS: I own and wear a bunch of Free People clogs and these are some I picked up last year and love for all weather. It doesn’t cover the entire foot but enough that my toes stay warm in church!

31) LOU & GREY SWEATSHIRT: I discovered Lou & Grey a while ago and love their sweatsuits! They’re incredibly lightweight, come in a bunch of colors, and are cut perfect! (top linked)

32) BIRKENSTOCKS: These are my staple shoe any time I can’t be bothered to put on real shoes. Birkenstocks are timeless, go with everything, can be worn doing almost any activity, and only get better the more you wear them!

33) GRANDE LASH: you know almost all lash serums bug my eye at some point but I love this brand and

34) TRAVEL SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER TUBES: I know what these look like and you’re correct, they ARE to hold your shampoo and conditioner when you travel. Hotel stuff is ew.

35) TANNING DROPS: I mix 3-4 drops of these with my normal moisturizer and faux tan my way through winter AND summer. You can also get an additional $10 off when you use code OFFER and a new email address.

36) TANNING FOAM: This is the stuff you use if you just shaved and have an hour to get to a party and look presentable…and tan. This doesn’t rub off, stink, or stain and is the perfect shade of “I just got off a plane from a week in Mexico” tan.

37) WAVING HAIR TOOL: I love the hottools version as well but this Bondi waver gives you the best bouncy waves!


• • •

38) VITAMIN CARRIER: These pill cases come in a pack of 4 and help keep all of your vitamins/supplements separate!

39) OLAPLEX HAIR CARE: If you color-treat your hair or it’s taking this dry winter extra hard, treat yourself or a loved one to my favorite hair care!


41) MAKEUP BRUSHES: I picked up these Artis brushes a few months ago and I love the flawless airbrush finish they give my makeup!

42) TULA SKINCARE TRAVEL KIT: TULA is my staple skincare and I don’t go anywhere without it. This travel set makes the perfect stocking stuffer and you can use code TARATHUESON to get 15% off your purchase!

43) DYSON AIRWRAP: I know this is expensive but it’s basically 6 hair tools in 1! I use it every day to dry my hair and it uses less heat, takes less time, and I use all the attachments!


• • •

44) PERFUME SAMPLER: finding your perfect scent can be difficult and expensive. But this perfume sampler provides a bunch of samples of the most-loved scents and once you’ve tried them all, you have a voucher to trade-in for a full-sized bottle of your favorite one!

45) SHOWER CAP: This may be the thing I’ve owned for the longest and I love it! It keeps my hair super dry in the shower, keeps it frizz-free, and doesn’t leave a massive crease around my hairline.

46) PERFUME SPRITZER: My perfume can get expensive and sometimes my bottles are too large to take in my carry-on! I can fill up one of these spritzers and take a small amount with me when I travel!

47) NAIL DASHES: I can’t believe I went almost the entire quarantine without getting my nails done! Nail Dashes have totally saved me – not to mention time at the salon. They take minutes to put on and are simple to take off. They’re $13 a box and can be reused! I get two sets out of each. One for me and one for Anisten!

48) LIQUID COLLAGEN: This liquid collagen it absorbs up to 90% and you can get $10 off using code 5884801

49) TAZZI: I love washing my face but rarely do so without my Tazzi in place! It doesn’t flatten my hair like a normal headband and doesn’t mess it up if I have it styled. It looks like a steering wheel cover and keeps my hair back and out of my face during my nighttime routine!

50) TANNING SLEEP SACK: I’m all for self-tanning but I hate stained sheets – we’ve all been there! This liner was made for a sleeping bag but I just put it in my normal bed to prevent my tan from transferring to my sheets.

51) HYDROFLASK: I love my Stanley mug, but when it comes to a bottle that closes, nothing beats my Hydroflask!

52) MASK CHAIN: I love the ones my girls make but these gold ones elevate your look a bit!

53) NECK TRAVEL PILLOW: If you’ve ever traveled long distances you know that a travel pillow is a must! This one passed the test on our trip to Singapore!

54) YOGA MAT: I use this for almost all of my at-home workouts.

55) GOOSEBUMPS BLANKET: use code TARA to save on my favorite adult swaddle! They’ve got a sale running through Cyber Monday!

56) CRYSTAL: I recently purchased this to help with my anxiety while driving. I was literally picking my cuticles and nails to shreds at stop lights! I now hold this crystal and fidget with it instead of my skin!



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