My Favorite Slippers

Slippers, house shoes, scuffs, babooshes? I hadn’t even ever heard of those last two but apparently, they all mean the same thing.

A warm house slipper is an underrated staple your grandpa has been rocking for years. They’re a homebody’s best friend whether you’re lounging around the living room or making dinner in the kitchen. And just like your pop’s cool plaid loafers, they come in a ton of styles and colors that are comfy enough to wear around the house and stylish enough to answer the door in.

Your bare feet no longer have to know the misery of cold, uncarpeted flooring. And being the connoisseur that I am, I’m giving you the lowdown on the best ones!


Whatever you call “indoor shoes,” I actually think it’s super important to have some. For one thing, if you have all wood flooring or stone, those surfaces can be really hard on the feet and the rest of your body! And wearing your normal shoes shouldn’t be your only option.

The soles of the shoes you wear outside are dirtier than a toilet seat! (I just vomited a little in my mouth)


• • •

They contain feces, vomit, dirt, grime and millions of bacteria that have a 90% chance of transferring to the floor of your house if you don’t remove your shoes before stepping inside. To keep the nasty grime off your floors, it’s important to have a designated area just outside or inside your door for the whole fam to take off their shoes. And if you have small kids, chances are their shoes are dirtier than most because they don’t care what kind of crap they step in!


Not all slippers are created equal

As I said, I’m a self-professed expert when it comes to slippers and there are a few things I take into consideration when looking to buy a new pair:

Material – I typically opt for natural materials over synthetics. Polyester and other synthetic materials aren’t as breathable and can cause your feet to sweat. If I do go with synthetic, I usually do an open back and/or toe. This just keeps the airflow constant. Plus, these slippers tend to be less expensive so they can be switched out for a minimal cost.

Soles – For a more all-purpose slipper, I look for rubber or cork soles. Rubber is durable, waterproof, and provides good traction. Cork has the same benefits as rubber but is also naturally odor-resistant and moisture-wicking. The last thing I want to do is slip in the kitchen or bathroom!

Backs vs. no backs – This one is totally personal preference but something to consider! Though backless slippers are no doubt easier to put on, you might have trouble keeping them on your feet if you’re doing much more than going from the bedroom to the bathroom. If you’re up and about a lot, consider slippers with backs instead. I love a good back on my slippers, as you can see. But even I like to feel fun and fancy in my babooshes. So I have a few pairs that are backless as well!



Yes, slippers are comfy but that doesn’t mean they have to be frumpy! Over the years, I’ve gravitated towards styles that are feminine but don’t look like any peacocks were harmed in the making. I love brands like UGG, Sorel (which is running a 40% OFF sale right now), and Amazon. I was surprised at the slippers I’ve found there – and they’ve got over 1,200 5-star reviews! Take a look at my top 10 favorites that I rounded up for you below!

Instead of resorting to strategically tiptoeing across your icy kitchen floor, grab yourself some slippers. From heel-to-toe faux fur to more to the slightly less shi-shi, I have you, and your feet, covered. And if you’ve got a favorite pair that I must check out, tell me in the comments below!

Xx Tara

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