Holiday Gift Guide for Boys 2020

And now for the easiest people on our Christmas lists…boys. Honestly, I could probably wrap a gift from 2 years ago and they wouldn’t notice. Or I could spend $10 on dollar toys and they’d be occupied for hours!

Ok, maybe I’m simplifying it too much, but the truth is, my boys are really easy to shop for. And fun to shop for as well! So I’ve rounded up my boy’s favorites from years past as well as some new things that are headed their way this year and put them together on this list!

I hope you find something your boy(s) will love!

1) GLOBBLES: the craze with these started with Emery and quickly trickled down to my boys – they’ve both asked for these in their stocking and I promise, they won’t be easy to find!

2) WALKIE TALKIES: Walkie Talkies will always be a hit with your kids – boys or girls.

3) HEADPHONES: These headphones are great for smaller kids who don’t love to have stuff in the ears and aren’t old enough for larger headphones. The headband has a pair of headphones inside them!

4) LONG STRIP RACE TRACK: This long car race strip is such a fun toy! Your kids can have it running down the stairs, create their own shape and obstacles and it’s pretty indestructable so it can be taken anywhere.

5) ELECTRIC SCOOTER: Braun got the adult version of these for my birthday in August and they’ve been so much fun! Make getting outside on bikes and scooters a family affair!

6) BIKE: And if scooters aren’t your thing, go with a bike! My boys love setting up their ramps in the driveway and will play for hours outside.


• • •

7) HELMET: Safety first! These helmets fit super well and my kids keep them on while they’re on their bikes and scooters!

8) SNOW PANTS: It’s cold outside and that doesn’t stop my kids from playing outside if they have the right gear – these pants with the bib overalls makes sure that snow doesn’t get down their pants!

9) PLUFFLE: It’s like kinetic sand but not as messy! It feels great, smooth like clay, slime or playdoh but isn’t as sticky, it moves on it own, if you squeeze it really hard it makes a shape and then is slowly dissolves. It doesn’t make a mess and it is easy to pick up and put back into the container for later use. It also doesn’t dry out!

10) SNOW BOOTS: Bogs are a gift from the heavens! They keep your kids feet warm and dry and can be in temps as low as -30. They also are easy for your kids to pull on themselves!

11) CARHARTT BEANIE: I love the fit and look of these beanies and if you can convince your boys to wear a hat!

12) POLARIZED SUNGLASSES: Protect your kid’s eyes at a young age with polarized sunglasses!


• • •

13) NIKE BACKPACK: These backpacks are great to carry everything your child needs and are easy to keep clean!

14) TACO CAT GOAT CHEESE PIZZA GAME: This game is so much fun! Perfect for young ages and will keep the entire family entertained.

15) SOFT PAJAMAS: My boys live in these pajamas!

16) BOOK LIGHT: for those that share a room or love to read in the dark or on road trips! I do everything I can to encourage reading at a young age!

17) DOG MAN BOOKSET: My boys have loved this book set and it’s something Dash can read on his own and something I read to them at night as well.

18) RAZOR HOVERBOARD: You’ve seen my kids spill smoothie all over my house riding this thing, cleaning the floors, racing, pulling each other…to say they love it is an understatement!


• • •

19) NINTENDO SWITCH: We all go thooked on animal crossing this year while quarantined and there is no going back!

20) LAVA LAMP: A fun throwback to our childhoods and my kids have been BEGGING for one.

21) BIKE RAMPS: These are the ramps that my kids set up in the driveway and will use as they ride their bikes for hours!

22) TABLE HOCKET SHOT PUCK GAME: We played this game while vacationing as a family in Island Park!

23) GIZMO WATCH: This is a smart watch for kids that allowes you to track their whereabouts

24) REMOTE CONTROL CAR FOR THE WALL: They finally restocked them! the racecare to beat all others. It literaky sticks to the walls and the ceiling!

25) EZ ROLLER: Another fun toy that will get your kids outside and playing in the sun. This is easy for small kids to navigate and isn’t intimidating because it sits so low to the ground!


• • •

26) SKATEBOARD: Dash is at the age where he wants to learn how to skateboard and I’m here for it – just make sure you also

27) MAGNETIC TILES: If you buy one toy this year or next, get these. Your kids will love these and regardless of ages they are going to play with all the time. It’s a toy I often find them using together and playing well together. And as you buy additional sets they can all be mixed together.

28) SKYLITE NIGHT LIGHT: This is a fun nightlight that doesn’t create one big light on the wall but instead creates the night sky right in your littles room!

29) DIARY FOF WIMPY KID: This is a really fun book series that my boys love as well. I read to them at night and it’s also a book that Dash can sneak away and read all by himself.

30) TWINKLE LIGHTS: Emery has these in her room and my boys quickly asked for them in their room as well. They’re incredibly simple to put up and can create magic in small spaces.

31) WHY BOOK: This is Dash’s all-time favorite book! It is the ultimate book for that curious kid who wants to know how and why the world works the way it does.

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