Holiday Gift Guide for In-Laws 2020

In-laws are tricky. Even if you have a great relationship with yours, chances are they’re still difficult to buy for. Buying a gift for the person you’re married to is tough as it is but buying for their parents is next-level!

Whether you’re meeting for the first time or they’re already your in-laws, you want to get a gift that makes them feel like someone thought of them but not as an afterthought. These are VIP recipients and they know when you’ve tried too hard, or too little when gift-giving. Lucky for you, the gifts on my list below are both thoughtful and appropriate!

1) DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME: Tired of grandma leaving confusing comments on your social media posts, but still want to keep her in the loop on your life? Look no further. We gave this digital picture frame to Braun’s grandparents for their anniversary last weekend and it is awesome! Every family member can download the app and upload pictures right to their frame. You can even add in captions so they know who and what was happening in the picture and the pictures upload automatically! Honestly? It might be my favorite thing on this list!

2) MASSAGER: I feel like I don’t have to explain this one because EVERY person needs this massager! A total lifesaver and something I use almost daily. When going and getting a massage is not an option, this is my go-to. If you love your in-laws you will get them one of these!

3) HUMIDIFIER: This should be at the top of everyone’s list for 2020. Having sufficiently humid air can help with congestion, allergies, colds, the flu, dry skin, and antique wood and leather furniture. The humidifier has a sensor to automatically adjust the mist level to a comfortable level of humidity, automatically turns off if the tank runs dry, and one tank can last for up to 60 hours at the lowest setting.

4) AMAZON SHOW 8: This is the latest Echo Show. The screen is a smart display, allows you to have video calls with friends/family, watch videos, play games, listen to music, check the weather, control all your smart home devices, and more. Another great new feature is the privacy controls. Simply flip a switch on top of the Echo Show 8 to turn the camera and microphone off when not in use. We use ours to call Braun’s and my parents all the time!

5) CHARCUTERIE BOARD: Every time I go to someone’s house they’re always looking for something “nice” to display snacks. As an adult, that usually looks like grapes, cheese, and meats. Let’s face it, your in-laws probably haven’t upgraded their old charcuterie board for some time. Get this one and pack it full of your favorite adult snacks!

6) TICKETS: Get your in-laws a date night! Get them tickets to a movie (you can rent out the entire theater for about $100 right now), or get them a nice dinner. Anything that will get them out of the house!


7) SLIPPERS: Who wouldn’t love a cozy pair of slippers to wear around the house? And since these happen to be waterproof and have grippy treads, they can even go outdoors for leisurely strolls, walking the dog, or grabbing more firewood on a snowy evening. Plus, you can get the ‘rents matching ones!


• • •

8) KNIFE BLOCK: As I get older I appreciate organization more and more. I think Braun might be rubbing off on me. We got these knife blocks and I love being able to reach in a drawer and grab one of our perfectly organized knives! Your in-laws will love you for thinking of their cutlery and helping their house look a bit more organized.

9) ALWAYS PAN: You’ve seen this pan floating around IG and you’ve probably wondered if it’s worth the money because it’s just too pretty! Admit it, you judged it before you got to know it…and from one person who cooks to another, this pan is totally worth the splurge! The Always Pan replaces your fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. It’s the equivalent of someone having brains and beauty – and worth every penny.

10) MOJI: Everyone loves their house to smell good and if we can void it, the danger of candles. One of the main reasons I love them (aside from their amazing smell) is their safety. No flame, no heat, no wax, and non-toxic. Their products are kid-safe, pet-friendly, and environmentally conscientious. Their devices are designed with a focus on safety and their fragrances and essential oils are delivered in pods which make installing or switching scents a breeze! And they have some crazy specials going on right now!

11) ANCESTRY DNA TEST: In my religion, we’re really encouraged to do our genealogy work but I know that’s not the norm! Not only to learn more about where you’re from, but now you can also learn about where your ancestors moved to, what their journey was, and how that reflects in you today! Better yet, your parents and in-laws can do their own test and there’s now even an app that goes along with it. It’s like a treasure map for your bloodwork and now you can know where Uncle Jerry gets his strange looks or if your grandma has any long lost siblings!

12) ELECTRIC CANDLE LIGHTER: Ditch the matches and burned fingers and your in-laws can keep their favorite candle a little bit longer even if it has burned down to the bottom. This electric lighter reached deep into containers to light even the shortest candle and makes lighting a fire in real fireplaces a cinch! Plus, it is rechargeable!

13) MARBLE BUTTER CROCK: Ever wish your butter would spread like, well, butter? Enter: the product of your dreams. This is one of those things you never knew you needed, but once you purchase, you can’t live without it. Keep it out on your counter for spreadable butter all week long – no more butter chunks or holes in toast – or better yet, GIVE IT TO YOUR IN-LAWS. Your FIL will thank you for saving him from ripped toast and your MIL will be glad she doesn’t have half-finished wrapped butter sitting on her countertops. And bonus, this pretty marble makes it look more like a decoration than the keeper of your diet buster.

14) ROBOT VACUUM: This automatic vacuum is perfect for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to clean or those with mobility issues for whom cleaning is difficult. It’s great for homes with pets, is low enough to clean under furniture, has a filter to help rid the home of dust mites and other allergens, and runs quietly. If you cant’ be there in person to clean your MIL house, the least you can do is get her a robot vacuum.

15) NEST THERMOSTAT: Nest introduces the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat. With four beautiful colors to choose from and an easy to read display, this thermostat will help make your in-law’s home not only smart but energy efficient. With just a few manual adjustments, the Nest Thermostat can learn their habits and start to save them money by automatically adjusting the temperature.

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