Holiday Gift Guide for Teens & Tweens 2020

Love my girls and I love shopping for them! They’ve been on a kick this year beading their little hearts out and so that has been where most of our gifts have originated. But I wanted to make Christmas special and show you some of the things they love, some of the things they need, and others that they’re hoping to get under the tree this year!

We’re keeping it simple this year and sticking to stocking stuffers and maybe 1 or 2 bigger gifts! And take it from me, teens are easy! Just look at whatever is gracing the front of the Urban Outfitters windows! Or just shop our list below – I would never steer you wrong!

1) INSTANT CAMERA: Instant cameras are the thing to have for teens or tweens. They’ve been something my girls have absolutely loved over the years and have even been used to decorate my girl’s bedrooms.

2) AIRPOD CASE: This adorable case makes AirPods a little cuter AND keeps them safe from drops, being thrown into book bags, and from errant puppies.

3) CRICUT VINYL CUTTER: We love to craft in our house and my girls love Cricut. The joy is the smaller model and is perfect for afternoon craft projects.

4) CAMERA: This is the camera Braun took to Thailand and yes, it’s expensive to be on this list but if you have a burgeoning photographer in your house, this is the perfect camera for them to learn on and take their craft seriously!

5) INSTANT CAMERA CASE: These cameras will last longer if they’re attached to your child’s body! Take my word for it – they drop everything! With this case, they can hang their camera around their neck and keep it safe while taking pictures.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Chroma Film6-Pack | Single PackFujifilm Mini Link Smartphone Printer



• • •

6) KINDLE FIRE: One of my favorite things to do is curl up with a good book. I do read on my iPad but it’s my Kindle that really gets used most. It’s backlit so you can read in any type of light, will also hold your favorite apps, and you can’t beat the price!

7) HOVERBOARD: You’ve seen my kids spill smoothie all over my house riding this thing, cleaning the floors, racing, pulling each other…to say they love it is an understatement!

8) ICE CREAM MAKER: The older my girls have gotten the more adventurous they’ve gotten in the kitchen. An ice cream maker is fun, fast, and the flavor possibilities are endless!

9) INSTANT FILM: You’re going to need this if you buy the Instant camera – they also have film that has fun borders and backgrounds.

10) RING LIGHT & TRIPOD: Every tween and teen dreams of being insta-famous or making it big on TikTok. This is something my girls have been begging for.

11) AIRPODS: My girls are at the age where it’s time to upgrade their listening equipment – AirPods keep them occupied on long road trips and now iPhones can share audio between AirPod sets!

12) INSTANT FILM PRINTER: You definitely need one of these! This will allow your girls to print any photo from their phone!

13) BEDDYS & BLANKETS: Sick of teens and tweens that don’t make their beds? Get them Beddys and use code TARA to get 20% off. It’s the bed that practically makes itself.

14) LED LIGHTS: These are the lights we have around the perimeter of Emery’s room and she loves that she can switch up the colors and have fun with them!

15) HANGING CHAIR: Each of my girls have hanging chairs in their room and this is the comfier one of the two!


• • •

16) SOFT BLANKET: Every person should have their own personal blanket – these are inexpensive and comfy!

17) TWINKLE LIGHTS: These were the first lights Emery had in her room and their super dainty and fun.

18) SILK LEOPARD PILLOWCASE: Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will not only protect your girl’s hair but it will also keep their skin cleaner than a traditional cotton pillowcase.

19) BEADING KIT: My girls have been beading buddies this year and have not stopped – even making it into a mask lanyard business. If you have crafty kids in your house, this kit is a must.

20) FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS: I got these for the girls and ended up keeping a few for myself!

21) ERASABLE PENS: These pens are fun and colorful, write like a dream, and are erasable!

22) DOT JOURNAL: These dotted notebooks allow the writer to create their own space that can include standard lined pages, doodles, games, and nurtures their creativity.


• • •

23) NAIL DASH ORGANIZATION CASE: This plastic case keeps all of our nail dashes separated and organized.

24) GLOBBLES: Yes, it’s a toy for children. And my 14 yr old child was BEGGING for these things.

25) SALT & STRAW COOKBOOK: To go with your new ice cream maker – Salt & Straw is known for its creative flavors!

26) DIAMOND ART CRAFT KITS: These are addicting and EVERYONE in your family will forget life around them and contribute to making these. They’re great for time spent indoors and we love to do them watching movies or tv favorites! They’ve got a ton for adults, kids, and even for really young ages!

27) MORPHE CHEEK POTS: These pots provide the barest hint of color for lips and cheeks!

28) TASSI: I love washing my face but rarely do so without my Tazzi in place! It doesn’t flatten my hair like a normal headband and doesn’t mess it up if I have it styled. It looks like a steering wheel cover and keeps my hair back and out of my face during my nighttime routine!

29) SHOWER CAP: This may be the thing I’ve owned for the longest and I love it! It keeps my hair super dry in the shower, keeps it frizz-free, and doesn’t leave a massive crease around my hairline.


• • •

30) GLOSSIER CLOUD PAINTS: I love these cloud paints for a light – barely-there cheek tint. You can build it as vibrant or as light as you want.

31) NAIL DASHES: I can’t believe I went almost the entire quarantine without getting my nails done! Nail Dashes have totally saved me – not to mention time at the salon. They take minutes to put on and are simple to take off. They’re $13 a box and can be reused! I get two sets out of each. One for me and one for Anisten!

32) BILLIE RAZOR: Best $9 you’ll spend all year. And honestly, I love creating good experiences for my girls when it comes to hygiene!

33) FUZZY LEOPARD SOCKS: comfy socks will never be a bad gift!

34) FANNY PACK: You know my love for these! My girls have adopted my obsession as well and a fanny pack is the most convenient purse for a teen!

35) SCREW-BACK EARRINGS: These earrings won’t bother your daughter’s ears and the backs screw on so they don’t fall out and get lost!

36) OVERSIZED SWEATSHIRT HOODIE: If I let them, Emery and Anisten would be living in oversized sweats this year! These are amazing and inexpensive and come in a variety of colors.

37) OVERSIZED SWEATPANT JOGGERS: Matching bottoms to go with your new hoodie!

38) FJALLRAVEN BACKPACK: These bags are big enough to hold their books, don’t hurt their shoulders, cute enough to double as a purse, and can be held by the top handles.

39) NIKE TENNIS SHOES: If you’ve seen a teenager this year they were most likely wearing these shoes – they’re super popular and you can never go wrong with a white tennis shoe!

40) UGG FUZZY SLIPPERS: I love these pink ones but they also come in 3 other colors I absolutely adore! These are such a great price and any teen or tween would love to wake up to these!

• • •



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