Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs 2020

My one suggestion for holiday shopping? Do it for dogs. They’re hands-down the easiest to shop for. They like snacks, toys, and belly rubs! Goldie and Pennie have many favorites but I’ve put their top can’t-live-without items here. Guaranteed to please any furry friend on your gift list!

1) ANGEL EYES DOG WIPES: These wipes will keep your dogs eyes goop free and remove the tear stains from their eyes.

2) HARNESS: I love this harness – it stops even the smallest kid from pulling your pup around by their neck.

3) LEASH: We all know I love a good gadget, and that love of gadgets most definitely does not stop at home or human items. I love finding the latest and greatest or just most efficient versions of dog gear too! I’ve tried lots of leashes during my dog-owning stint and this one is definitely Braun’s fave. It doesn’t have annoying buckles and is comfy and light. We have the large for our small-ish dogs and it’s great!

4) BULLY STICKS: See what Pennie is willing to do for a treat? Bully sticks are a favorite and will keep your dogs busy for hours.


5) DOG TOY: Rocco Roxie dog toys are Pennie and Goldie’s favorite toys.

6) TRAVEL WATER BOTTLE: If you’ve ever been out with your dog on a hike or long walk you know that bringing water is always a must. Some genius invented this water bottle that has a water dish attached. It’s silicone and easily flips out to hold the water while your dog drinks and then easily folds flat against the bottle when not in use!


• • •

7) DOG COMB: All you need to know about this dog comb can be summed up by the fact that almost 2500 people felt passionately enough about it to leave a review. I mean…it’s gotta be dang good, right?! And while it may be a dog comb, every girl in our house steals it too! I had to get them their own! Really great for thick puppy hair.

8) QALO DGO TAG: You know what’s fun? Finally getting to the stage where all of your kids sleep through the night, only to be woken up nightly by the clinking of your pup’s tags echoing through your home. I had no idea how much I needed these silicone tags for my dogs until we got them! Keeps that annoying jangling away, they’re super sturdy, and of course, cute!


9) HENRY CLEAN DOG SPRAY: Ok, I am not exaggerating when I say this is the best dog spray I have ever smelled. It literally smells like the volcano candle from Anthropologie. I hesitate even mentioning it again because you guys practically sold them out last time I did! But this time you can save 20% on your order when you use code Tara20 when you checkout!

10) POOP BAG HOLDER & FLASHLIGHT: Poop bag holders are a dime a dozen but this one has a flashlight on one end. If you’ve ever taken your dog out at night, you know what a pain it can be to make sure you get all their poop picked up in one go!

11) TEEPEE: I’m not obsessed with my dogs. I swear. I just buy them things like personal pet teepees, custom collars, and basically any other gadget I can get my hands on to make sure they feel like they’re in the lap of luxury. But really I’m totally not an over-the-top dog mom. This might be the cutest pup pad ever! Comfiest little dog bed and so dang cute. I dare you to watch one of my pooches sit in this and not let out an audible “awwwww”. Love it!

12) FLUFFY DOG BED: If I’ve learned anything from being a parent and a puppy parent, it’s that rarely are kid or dog supplies both functional AND attractive. Why is that?! But this dog bed breaks the mold! It’s super cute but is also great for anxiety and it’s washable! A washable dog bed is a total must for me. This one is the best!



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