Ditching Winter For Warmer Climates

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Despite the fact that I’ve hardly traveled at all this year or maybe because of it, Braun and I took off this past week to warmer temps! It was actually a trip for his work that had been planned for some time but with all the new restrictions in place, we weren’t sure what our end plans would be. But once we got the green light, I was instantly on the hunt for footwear that could pull double and triple duty!

I needed footwear that was:

  • beach-friendly
  • killer arch support
  • feel & look good
  • suitable for varied terrain
I was so worried that if I found a true adventure sandal that was “comfortable” that it would automatically rule out cute. But I was pleasantly surprised! With utility and style overlapping now more than ever, there are a plethora of choices that tick all the boxes. I did my research and rounded up a few styles I think you’ll love and want to take the next time you head on an outdoor adventure!

Created in 1989, Chaco Footwear was created to be the ultimate footwear for outdoor adventures in and out of water. Their logo is the gecko, because of its ability to adapt and thrive in nearly any environment. And you definitely feel that anytime you’re wearing them whether you’ve got their boots on or my summer favorite: Chillos!


• • •

If you’re looking for a sandal that also holds the back of your heel in and is suitable for hiking as well as activities, the Z1, Z/Cloud, and variations might be more your speed! Their Z1 sandal is available in a rainbow of over 20 gorgeous colors. And one of my favorite things about it is many of them sport a totally monochromatic look.

The best part? Chaco Footwear has a comprehensive repair program called ReChaco, so you can have your sandals fixed up (instead of tossing them) when they start to wear.


• • •

And regardless if you’re hitting the mountains or the beach, Chaco Footwear is designed to take you on the terrain you prefer most! In addition to sandals, they have a large assortment of slides, boots, and slippers!

And you can shop Chaco Footwear right now and save an additional 20% on sale items! Just use code TARA15 to save 15% off your order!


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