Holiday Gift Guide for Men 2020

Not to toot my own horn but I kinda nailed the whole gift-giving this year. I mean, I’ve only had ALL of 2020 and 8 months of social distancing to think about it! But truly, I think you are going to love the ideas this year and I’m starting out with the guys first because let’s face it – they can be difficult! But no matter what your guy is into, I promise that I’ve got something on this list for him!

Before you dive in, think about everything you need to cover (stocking, pajamas, big gift, etc) and then shop to fit your budget! There are plenty of things to choose from and something to fit every budget. And make sure you shop early!! I’m being told that ship times are out of control this year!

Clothing is always on someone’s list. It’s not always the most exciting thing to receive but you can switch it up by snagging your guy a new pair of kicks or some comfy slippers!

1) BRAUN’S FAVORITE T-SHIRT: I think something like 13,000 of you have purchased these t-shirts for your guys and it’s easy to see why! They’re super inexpensive and they come in a million colors. Plus, Braun says they’re the most comfortable shirt he’s ever worn!

2) COMFY JOGGERS: I know Braun has sworn off Lulu but take it from me, these are the comfiest joggers your guy will ever own! And if your guy is like Braun, these Nike Joggers come in close second!

3) ASCOT SLIPPERS: You all know how Braun feels about his “house shoes.” If your guy is looking for a little luxury and comfort while he walks around his domain, then these slippers are for him!

4) BEANIE: I know, Carhart beanies are so cliché but honestly? They’re the best looking beanies out there and they are super warm!


• • •

5) SUNGLASSES: Braun owns like 10 pairs of these sunglasses and wears them non-stop.

6) SNEAKERS: Maybe not sneakers, exactly. But comfortable shoes that can be dressed up or down. And they’re super comfortable! I love his recommendations because they truly come from someone who puts hours and miles into what he uses. He sells door-to-door. He has to be comfortable. And everything he wears has hundreds of hours of testing!

7) CHUMS: Don’t knock it until you try it! I even own a few pairs now. They are awesome for when you’re on the go and don’t want to be stuck holding your sunglasses when not in use. Plus, they keep them from bumping around and getting easily knocked off!

8) APRON: If you want your guy to be in the kitchen or master the grill, you need to get him the uniform. A very manly apron. It’s going to make him feel like he’s in charge, it’s going to keep his new clothes grease-free, and it will give him a place to wipe his hands and place his tongs when not in use.

I know hygiene is a weird thing to put on this list but I promise, these items aren’t the same as giving your guy mouthwash or a nose-hair trimmer. These gifts are extra – they’ll help your guy step up his game and smell good in the process!

1) SANTAL 33: If you haven’t been introduced to Le Labo, let me do the honors. They have beautiful scents – in fact, both Braun and I wear them. And they’re all unisex, so by getting this for him, you might just love it for yourself as well!

2) BEARD TRIMMER: This is like the swiss army knife of trimmers + it’s what I use to cut the boy’s hair as well!


• • •

3) SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH: Throw out his old toothbrush and upgrade it to this bad boy! It has all different speed settings and the brush-heads are replaceable. It also counts down the two minutes for you and it’s black.

4) TWEEZERS: If you’re wondering why your tweezers are bent or missing, just look to your significant other. I’m not casting blame here – but all signs point to them. It’s not something they think to purchase themselves but they’ll gladly help themselves to yours! But this kit takes it a step further and will help them take care of all of those errant hairs + help them groom everywhere else.

1) APPLE TV: Trust me – cancel the cable and get your guy one of these. You can hook it up to your standard TV or projector + it makes staying at hotels way more bearable!

2) TILE: Make sure your guy never forgets his keys, wallet, or anything else he commonly misplaces ever again.

3) WATERPROOF SPEAKER: This thing has been with us on boats at the lake and on Razr rides through the mountains. It’s waterproof, bump-proof, and is Bluetooth. This means you can listen to your tunes anywhere you go!

4) AIRPODS PRO: Upgrade his earbuds with the new AirPods that even have noise canceling magic!

5) TRAEGER GRILL: This may not seem like the likely thing to list under tech but Traeger is the grill that practically does the cooking for you!

6) ANKER FLAT-WALL CHARGER: This charge easily plugs in behind dressers and beds and doesn’t get other stuff caught on it. It fits seamlessly against the wall and won’t get in the way of everything else.


• • •

7) NEST THERMOSTAT: Take the first step to smarten up your house by gifting your guy a smart thermostat. He can save pennies by setting the temperature when you’re not at home.

8) NIKON COOLSHOT GOLF SITE: I don’t know what it does but if your guy is a golfer, he needs one of these. Or so Braun says!

9) 23 & ME: These tests are super fun and will tell your guy about his genes and where he comes from.

10) ANDAR AIRPODS CASE: I’ve been a long-time fan of Andar and their leather cases keep your things protected. Unless you have a dog named Pennie. Then nothing is safe.

11) APPLE WATCH: I wear mine every day. Your guy will be able to tell time, monitor his heart rate, track his sleep, text, make phone calls, and basically be available to you 24/7.

13) EXTERNAL COMPUTER BATTERY: This battery will charge your computer, your phone, and anything else you lug around that runs out of juice often. I love this charger because there isn’t always a place to plug in my computer!

Some day, in the near future, all of us will be traveling once again. And when we are, you want your guy to be prepared!

1) GOLF COURSE GUIDE: Braun has gotten more and more into golfing over the years and one of the cool things about it is the many golf courses that are incredibly beautiful and designed by world-famous course creators. This book features the most beautiful and would be the perfect gift for the golfer in your life.

2) YETI COOLER BAG: We take this bag everywhere when we are out hiking! It keeps everything cool and waterproof.

3) PATAGONIA BLACK HOLE: Every single member of our family has one of these bags. They’re the perfect weekender bag and are the best size to hit the road with!


• • •

4) TRAVEL CUBES: You guys know my obsession and ever since I started using these, Braun has asked for his own set.

5) NOMATIC BAG:  This is the perfect bag if your guy is going to and from the office. It will fit his laptop plus anything else he may need to haul back and forth!

6) CAR FLASH JUMPER: No need to search for a good samaritan to jump you. This device holds all the juice you need to jump your own car. And it’s something that both Braun and I keep in our cars in case of an emergency!


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