Jungle Juice – Family Friendly Recipe

Partnership with Walmart

I’ve been making this little drink concoction for family parties and it’s a HUGE hit. Taste so yummy and it’s gone by the time the party is over. It also takes ZERO time to make and you can get all the ingredients + the drink dispenser at Walmart if you are in a pinch! I order it all through the app and usually have it delivered to my door or do curbside pick up! Honestly, couldn’t get easier.

Glass Drink Dispenser | Stand | Cups | Straws

Here’s what you’ll need:

2.5 Gallon Dispenser – You can use a smaller one if you need to but this size is my favorite for big groups!

Orange Juice – No pulp! Unless you like pulp then go for it. haha

Pineapple Coconut Juice – I like this brand, but you can use whatever one you like. 32 oz.

Sprite – Gives ya allll the bubbles. **my girls actually prefer no sprite so I just keep a few cans on the side for people to mix if they want to!**

Cranberry Juice Cocktail – We use both cranberry or cranberry apple. The 64 oz size to give a tangy flavor.

Limes – This is to make it look pretty. Love seeing the floating fruit in there! I will squeeze 2 limes into it too.

Strawberries – You can also add these in to make it look nice! Not essential though but cute.

Here’s a few drink dispensers from Walmart I’m loving:

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