Kitchen Favorites at Macy’s

Partnership with Macy’s and ShopStyle Collective

In the summer, one of our favorite things to have is FRESH juice, but, my kids absolutely hate pulp. Like… Gag over it 😂 So, it’s actually really hard to just go buy super fresh juice at the store. We went on the hunt for a commercial grade juicer (let’s be honest… if it’s not commercial grade, it’ll be destroyed in our house in two seconds making stuff for the amount of kids that are always here..) and we found the perfect one at Macy’s – and it’s on sale now as part of their Memorial Day sale!

Juicer | Fluted Carafe | Cutting Board (similar)

This is the juicer! It’s a Breville 2-Speed Fountain Juicer.. it seriously works in seconds! It’s got a wide-feed tube which means it can take on full fruits like apples and pears. It will take a full orange depending on how big they are.. some of those things are giant! hah. For the most part though, you won’t need to pre-cut anything. It also has two speed settings which makes it possible to also juice things like celery, carrots, etc on the higher speeds and berries or tomatoes on a lighter speed and not completely destroy them.

Juicer | Fluted Carafe | Fluted Glasses | Cutting Board (similar)

The best advice I have when using the juicer is to put your empty product bag in the pulp container to catch it all.. it makes for a reallllly easy clean up!! I’ll show you after.

Juicer | Fluted Carafe | Cutting Board (similar)

Once I convinced Jett to help me instead of stealing my oranges it was time to get going!! It was seriously SO easy. You just load them on top of the juicer in the tube and press down. You don’t have to use much force at all.

Juicer | Fluted Carafe | Cutting Board (similar)

Jett loved watching this thing work! The juicer separates the frothy foam it creates, the pulp + the good juice until eventually we just had a full pitcher of juice!!

Juicer | Fluted Carafe | Fluted Glasses | Cutting Board (similar)

You can see from the pictures how smooth the juice came out texture wise… there seriously was no pulp at all. I was impressed!! Look at all that pulp. Very glad I didn’t have to clean out the pulp canister too — imagine the texture on your hands 😳

Juicer | Fluted Carafe | Fluted Glasses | Cutting Board (similar)

I also grabbed this cute Fluted Carafe + matching Fluted Drinking Glasses from Macy’s also.. They’re SO cute and I love that even if we aren’t using it to house juice at the moment, it would be the cutest vase for some fresh stems. Dual purpose things speak right to my soul! haha.

Macy’s is having a couple of awesome deals happening right now as part of their Memorial Day sale!! Here’s some really awesome things included..

One thing I love in my house that I couldn’t live without is the cast iron and dutch ovens… Macy’s worked with The Martha Stewart Collection to create a whole line of dutch ovens of various sizes and LOTS of way cute colors. They also have square stoneware pans, utensil holders, cast iron and more. They’re all on major sale – tap below to shop or click HERE to see the whole collection:

Another thing I really love are mixing bowls that stack inside of each other for easy storage. I have way too many sets to count — but again, Macy’s worked with Martha Stewart Collection to make a bunch of way cute ones!

Pyrex dishes are an awesome way to store food, and reheat too! They’re oven safe, and it makes leftovers feel less-gross to me when they’re reheated in the oven. Anyone else?! haha. They’re also on sale as part of the Memorial Day Sale!

The all important pebble ice maker 2.0 is ON SALE! I feel like that’s unheard of, especially for the 2.0! They’ve fixed all the problems in the original version.. how to convince Braun that I need this because I really don’t love my boulder ice?! haha. I don’t think he will go for it but WAY jealous of everyone who grabs this. The igloo is a less expensive option, but not quite pebble ice size.

Other small appliances worth noting:

There’s also some adorable home decor collections on sale.. I love, love cute and simple textured vases for my mantle! Shop all home decor HERE.