Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Ahhh Mother’s Day.. We all really just want a peaceful week alone on the beach – but since that’s sort of unrealistic for nearly everyone, we will settle for nice gifts I suppose 🙂 One thing not on the blog below is a gift card for a local spa, hair dresser, etc that is your/her favorite!

1. Rubber Birkenstocks – I’m obsessed with these rubber Birkenstocks.. they’re SO freaking cute. I had the copper pair last year which were cute, but, these are next level.

2. Huggie Earrings – These are what the girls and I wear nearly every single day. They’re so cute and stay in tight to your ears. This pair is also super cute. 15% sale on the site right now.

3. Toiletry Organizer – I use this every time I travel! It’s the best + fits sooo much stuff (full size, at that!). I also like these little clear pouches.

4. Stanley IceFlow – These are the best for traveling. I love the 30oz.. My all time fave is definitely the 40oz quencher, though.

5. Red Aspen – Even though it would be nice to go to the nail salon every other week, it’s probably not practical for a lot of moms. Especially if you’re in the thick of littles.. These are press ons! $13-15 for two manis. Their tanning stuff is awesome too!! It’s what I’ve been wearing recently.

6. Barefoot Dreams Blanket – it’s a splurge.. but nothing compares. The coziest blankets.. and super cute!

7. Diamond Dazzle Sticks – I’ve been using these for years + years! The best way to clean diamonds (other than bringing it in store for a cleaning!)

8. Geometry Towels – Sometimes I struggle because I feel like Mother’s Day is a lot of kitchen/kid related things, even though it’s supposed to be about spoiling a mama! However, I promise you’ll LOVE these towels forever. Code TARA saves you 15% off 🙂

9. Loopy Case – Her hands are probably full of so many more things than just a phone.. this case will at least ensure she isn’t dropping her phone while carrying all the other things! They come in way cute prints too.. I’ve been using Loopy since at least 2014, I’ve tried a ton of other cases and they just don’t compare. Code: TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple!

10. Tommy John Products – it seems so silly, but I promise she wants the Tommy John Second Skin Bra.. she just doesn’t know it yet. If you don’t feel like buying her one, buy her the PJs.. Code TARA25 will save you 25% off it all!

11. Pons – I’ve had my original pair for about 7 years now + they’re still my favorite pair. They get comfier with time + the quality is amazing.

12. Ceale – Pore suckers save skin.. This has helped grab the gunk out of my face for over a year now!! I’ve loved this. My code is TARALOVE

13. Vase – This vase is so cute!! It would be perfect if you got her some fresh stems + this cute vase together. 🙂

14. LED Mirror – this is super compact and perfect to travel with! It’s the one I brought with me to Hawaii. It’s got a stand so it sits up straight and an LED light around the edge. It’s rechargeable, so no remembering to bring batteries.

15. Theragun – I don’t think I could live without this.. Braun either! We love love love theragun. We have both the larger and the mini – and prefer the mini.

16. Brandless Beauty Activator – Guys… this face scrubbing/cleansing device is amazing! it’s that pink thing up there by the cadence capsules. First, it’s 100% waterproof.. so no matter what I pack it with I don’t have to worry about it. Second, it’s 100% waterproof so I can use it in the shower with no concerns. Third, it’s silicone. So there’s no worrying about gunk building up and going back into your face. It used to be a not so cute green color and I’ve had that one forever soooo I’m pretty excited it’s finally cute!! It’s got an LED screen and has like a 3 year warranty on it which is incredible. They gave me a code: TARA so you guys can save 10%!

17. Goosebumps Blanket – These are the best.. I’ve traveled around the world with mine. They’re super stretchy, not hot and just super cozy. The large size is my favorite. Code TARA saves 15% off.

18. Lip Gloss – This shine lip gloss is my fave, if you’ve been here for awhile you know I helped develop lip velvet, and the gloss colors goals and bloom. Code TARA saves 10% at shine always!

19. Apple Watch + Band – I don’t think I could live without this thing.. I’ve also tried knock offs of the band from apple, they do not last..

20. Our Place – these are so dang good. They really stay non-stick and they’re free-of so many things that other brands have in them.. these are all I use now.

21. Free People Visor – I’ve said it a million times.. this visor is the best and has complete coverage over your face, plus, it’s way cute!

22. AirPods + Case – I don’t think I would survive motherhood without my AirPods.. Andar’s capsule case is my absolute favorite! The AirPods are on sale + you can use code: TARA20 to save at Andar.

23. Lululemon 1/2 Zip – this sweatshirt is one of my favorites. It’s great quality and warm! There’s a bunch of different color options. I sized up to the M/L.

24. Perfume – This smells SOOOO good and so many of you agree!!

25. Coconu – She definitely wants this.. oil based is my fave! 😉

26. APLs – I have fallen in love with these sneakers.. they’ve been awesome for workouts.

27. LuluLemon Belt Bag – this has been my favorite for so long! They sold out this winter and finally have them back. There’s some cute new colors + the strap is extendable now to include more sizes!!

28. Sleep Mask – this quickly became my new favorite + will be included at any favorite things party that I attend. It’s padded around the eyes and doesn’t put any pressure on what so ever, plus it’s completely blackout.

29. Birkenstocks – another summer fave – these aren’t as adventure friendly (not really easily washable like the rubber ones) but still super comfortable nonetheless.

30. Moji – their spring scents recently launched and they’re SO good. You guys have been loving them — it’s always a good time to ask for new pods + another fan!!

31. Eye Massager – Yes, you’ll look funny wearing it.. but the relaxation you’ll get or migraine relief is 100% worth it.

32. Rocketbook – save trees, get a reusable notebook that lets you upload your notes directly to your phone + soooo many other places!! I love this.

33. Neck Massager – I’ve had this brand for years now, tempted to buy this new cute one because it’s way better looking than my original one.. but mine still works!

34. Skylight Frame – this is such an awesome gift for parents or grandparents. My siblings and I all pitched in to get this for my mom.. we all can send pictures to it via email and it will automatically upload to her frame. It’s awesome.

35. DIME lash/brow serum – either that, or the TBT cream or whipped exfoliating mask.. they’re all such good skincare products she may not splurge on herself! Code TARA20 always works at DIME.

36. Kindle – Honestly, this kindle has been the best. I like it a lot better than other kindles I’ve had in the past.. I really love picking it up every now and then and indulging in a good book. I bring it everywhere with me! It’s been a really good habit to read a book vs. mindless scrolling/shopping sometimes. This cover is great — and if you’re looking to hold it up without dropping it on your face, grab a pop socket! hate them for phones, great for kindles!

37. CSE Kitchen – man, oh, man what an amazing gift this would be.. Mama’s rarely have time between all the things to eat a nutritious meal that is delicious. Usually it’s left over kid food served cold.. amiright?! These are single servings and you just pop them in the microwave when you’re ready. PLUS they’re delicious. I’ve truly enjoyed them. Code: TARA is 10% off.

38. Daisy Necklace – This necklace is super cute + dainty. It’s awesome for layering! Madewell has a ton of cute “station” necklaces, you’ve seen me in the heart, stars, this daisy one..

39. Perk – want a secret to my mornings? Perk. It’s the perfect pick me up + it’s got all the good stuff in it too.. Mexican Hot Chocolate is my fave!! Code TARA will save you!!

40. Cookbook Stand – one of my favorite things in my kitchen.

41. Budha Girl Bracelets – Made with Gold Flakes, so they’re a little pricey.. but they withstand literally anything + they don’t make any noise whatsoever!!