Currently Loving 4/25

So I’ve been putting some things I really am loving at the end of every single email newsletter I send out (if you have no idea what I’m talking about – sign up HERE!).. I don’t want them to get lost completely because they’re good stuff – so I’ll recap on daily snaps on Mondays!

Hokas – I was getting asked ALL the time about hokas v. apl v. ultraboosts.. So I bought them to be able to have an opinion and I looooove them! They’re super comfortable. I haven’t worn them for a workout yet but gosh, they’re a dream to be in all day!

MagSafe Duo Charger – this charger is awesome for traveling.. it makes it so, so easy vs. bringing my whole charging dock!! It will do my phone + watch together.

Camden Sweatshirt – I now have this sweatshirt from Free People in 2 or 3 colors.. I love it. It runs pretty big. I’m in the smallest size here. The recent color I got was dolphin + it’s so cute.

LuluLemon Belt Bag – They finally brought the belt bag back, new colors + a bigger strap to be more size inclusive!! That ancient copper color is calling my name…

Lululemon 1/2 Zip – It says oversized.. but I still got the M/L and prefer that fit. It’s SO cute and the quality is amazing, though.

Swim Cover Up – I’m pretty sure this was made for daily wear, but that’s a bit revealing for me. I really love crochet/knit look over swim!

Kindle – I find myself reaching for my kindle wayyyyy more lately. I love this one. I bring it everywhere. I’ve made it a habit to read before bed lately instead of scrolling through the gram.. it’s been awesome! 🙂

Red Aspen Tanning – I am seriously loving how this tan turned out!! This time I used all the mitts and the back applicator and it’s such a game changer for tanning!!