Mother’s Day Gift Guide

If you’re a simple card or flower giver on special holidays or birthdays, this is your official unofficial nudging to think a bit outside the box this Mother’s Day. Even during a non-quarantine, no homeschool year where the mothers in your lives usually have a few minutes to themselves each day, the mothers you know are kicking butt.

Even if the mothers in your life are the “not into surprises”, “already has everything”, or “always says not to get her anything,” this is the year that you should do SOMETHING. And let me just say something quickly about mothering: it’s like breathing. We do it even when we don’t realize we’re doing it. And this goes for dads, too. We just do it.

Most moms are superheroes. They pick us up from school when we’re sick (or faking it). Magic is weaved into our childhoods with their full-fledged support. They teach us how to shave our legs and put on mascara. When we’re adults, they send us pictures of us when we were kids, remind us that they love us, cry with us over the phone when we are heart-broken, and tell us to send them a text when we get home — even if they’re 1,500 miles away.


• • •

My point is: moms are amazing and we should be giving them alllll the presents. But figuring out exactly what to give these extraordinary caregivers can be tricky. How do you say “thank you” to such an important woman!?

Lucky for you, I had an “ah-ha!” moment the other night as I was making my list. Gone are tickets to a play or a mini-vaca. Buying mom a new suitcase or gear for Disneyland will just seem like a cruel joke. Instead, why don’t we put the person first who often comes last? My list this year is all focused on #selfcare. This means beauty (check out my post all about Gel Nails and how you can do yours at home), health, and indulgent treasures that make mom feel good made the top of my list. I promise, your mom will love what I’ve listed here and you may even find a thing or 3 for yourself!

Xx Tara

P.S. If you want the one gift that is guaranteed to top all others, check out the video we made for Braun and then check out my tutorial HERE.

Mother's Day #Selfcare Gift Guide
Flekk Cosmetics
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You guys know that I believe that when you feel your best, you do your best. And getting ready each morning (even in quarantine) does wonders for me. I wanted to put something on here that would be an all-in-one type product and if I had to pick one, it would be an eyeshadow palette. I chose Flekk because of its paint-by-numbers simplicity. Each FLEKK eye shadow palette features five, high-quality shadow colors specifically designed to highlight your eye shape, eye color, and skin tone. I use these quite a bit and can speak to their consistency, ease of application, and the colors are just so good! And if you're unsure of the palette to get, they have a quick and easy quiz that will help you pick the perfect one!
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Heated Cordless Neck Massager
I feel like I don't have to explain this one because EVERY person needs this massager! A total lifesaver and something I use almost daily. When going and getting a massage is not an option, this is my go-to. If you love your mom (or your wife) you will get her one of these!
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Little & Five
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I love these earrings. They're crafted from medical grade stainless steel and are specifically made to be comfortable to sleep in. What I love most about these earrings are the screw-on backs. They don't come off or get lost and even though they're designed for little girls, I know more grown women who buy them. They are super cute designs and they come in a variety of colors: yellow gold, rose gold, black, silver. And the owner, Erin, os currently working on the front lines in a hospital! I'm excited to support her and get something extra pretty on Mother's Day.
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Kitchen Tea Towels
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With the amount of time I've been spending in the kitchen recently, I've grown even fonder of my Geometry tea towels. They're a premium line of not-so-ordinary tea towels made to order and printed in California. They have hundreds of designs available and new collections added weekly ensuring they have something that appeals to everyone! They're big, wash up super nice, and don't wrinkle! Plus, they add a beautiful, modern touch when hanging in the kitchen. They're super absorbent and are made of the best material. Any mom is sure to love a few of these!
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Jewelry Organizer
One thing I've been doing a lot of during this thing is organizing. But it's been my own personal things that I cherish and wear often that I've been looking for chic ways to store and display. I love these boxes and they have made a world of difference when it comes to my closet organization. If you need more inspo for jewelry organization and gifts, you can check out my blog post!
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Glossier YOU Perfume
People — all people — rave about Glossier’s You fragrance. It’s formulated to adjust to the body’s unique chemistry, making it a perfect unisex option that smells a little different on everyone. And isn’t that what you love about your boo — their special “you”-ness? I recently discovered this and it's quickly become a favorite. It's the one perfume I PROMISE you can't go wrong with.
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Magical Eye Massager
Your mom probably has no idea that she needs an eye massage but once she puts this baby on, she'll wonder why she never asked for one before! t's got a nice warming feature, kneading feature, and trigger point therapy all wrapped up into a good time! Amazing if you get migraines too. Plus your mom can use the Bluetooth to play her own music as well to drown out the sound of her kids screaming!
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Goosebumps Blanket
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I don't care if you're 1 or 101, being wrapped up in a giant, comfy, soft blanket is basically the best thing ever. At our house, we are absolutely addicted to Goosebumps blankets! They're so big and seriously butter soft. You can completely wrap yourself like a massive human Chipotle burrito. Talk about dreams coming true! My favorite size is regular and your mom would love to wrap up in one of these. All she'll need to accompany it is an ipad to watch Netflix, her favorite snack, and a room all to herself.
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Le Labo Sampler Set
Something indulgent for me is perfume. I love that I can smell differently every single day and after doing my makeup and hair, I love to spritz on something that can help with the dinner-smell that has permeated my entire house. Le Labo is probably my favorite and this sampler set is a great way to get started. This set includes Santal 33, Rose 31, Thé Noir 29 and AnOther 13 - all fragrances are names for the most prominent note and the quantity of notes in the composition. There's something bespoke and handcrafted that makes these scents special - they don't smell the same on anyone and it truly is a journey to find your perfect scent.
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This is a big gift but it's honestly the thing I use daily - without fail. Being surrounded by everyone at all times can be distracting, yes, but it also can stop me from getting stuff done. Being able to put these into my ears, turn on an audiobook or a podcast, and escape into that world makes cleaning and getting stuff done 10x's easier! Plus, it's the type of self-care I love. I'm doing for my family and feeding my soul at the same time!
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Oh Kindle.. how I love thee. Choose from the 8GB or the 32GB. Either one will hold THOUSANDS of books. I am holding the Oasis but I think the Paperwhite is just as good. Both are totally waterproof, sync with Audible so you can switch from listening to reading, glare-free so you can read it in the sun and small enough you can take it with you wherever you go. Ditch the indoors and take your kids outside to play while you lounge on a blanket and catch up on the most recent NY Times bestseller.
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Moji Life Fragrance Pods
Every mom loves her house to smell good and if we can void it, the danger of candles. One of the main reasons I love them (aside from their amazing smell) is their safety. No flame, no heat, no wax, and non-toxic. Their products are kid-safe, pet-friendly, and environmentally conscientious. Their devices are designed with a focus on safety and their fragrances and essential oils are delivered in pods which make installing or switching scents a breeze! And they have some crazy specials going on right now! You can get an introductory kit for $15 less than normal!
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Chance By Chanel
If you or your mom loves something a little more fruity and floral, this perfume is one of my favorites. I discovered this through one of the perfume sampler sets I got from Sephora and I've been in love ever since.
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Barefoot Dreams Blanket
Have you ever wondered what it feels like in the womb? Wonder no more because I'm pretty sure being wrapped up in this blanket nearly replicates the feeling. Just ultimate warmth and snuggliness. This is my all-time favorite blanket! It's huge, so soft, and just cozy! And for once, it's not a bajillion dollars! You can snag it now for just under $50!
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