Mother’s Day Gift Guide

If you’re a simple card or flower giver on special holidays or birthdays, this is your official unofficial nudging to think a bit outside the box this Mother’s Day. Even during a non-quarantine, no homeschool year where the mothers in your lives usually have a few minutes to themselves each day, the mothers you know are kicking butt.

Even if the mothers in your life are the “not into surprises”, “already has everything”, or “always says not to get her anything,” this is the year that you should do SOMETHING. And let me just say something quickly about mothering: it’s like breathing. We do it even when we don’t realize we’re doing it. And this goes for dads, too. We just do it.

Most moms are superheroes. They pick us up from school when we’re sick (or faking it). Magic is weaved into our childhoods with their full-fledged support. They teach us how to shave our legs and put on mascara. When we’re adults, they send us pictures of us when we were kids, remind us that they love us, cry with us over the phone when we are heart-broken, and tell us to send them a text when we get home — even if they’re 1,500 miles away.


• • •

My point is: moms are amazing and we should be giving them alllll the presents. But figuring out exactly what to give these extraordinary caregivers can be tricky. How do you say “thank you” to such an important woman!?

Lucky for you, I had an “ah-ha!” moment the other night as I was making my list. Gone are tickets to a play or a mini-vaca. Buying mom a new suitcase or gear for Disneyland will just seem like a cruel joke. Instead, why don’t we put the person first who often comes last? My list this year is all focused on #selfcare. This means beauty (check out my post all about Gel Nails and how you can do yours at home), health, and indulgent treasures that make mom feel good made the top of my list. I promise, your mom will love what I’ve listed here and you may even find a thing or 3 for yourself!

Xx Tara

P.S. If you want the one gift that is guaranteed to top all others, check out the video we made for Braun and then check out my tutorial HERE.

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