My Favorite Containers For The Things In Life That Need Containing

Full disclosure – I don’t like to save stuff. I don’t save every drawing that my kids do at school. Art projects don’t have a long lifespan. And if my kids have ignored it long enough, whatever ‘it’ is gets donated or goes in the trash.

I’m talking about the stuff you have and need around the house. Like batteries, hair stuff…you know, the stuff you either need in the same place all the time or out of the way!

I did write about one of my favorite containers last year and this one alone is a HUGE game-changer for early school mornings.


See what I mean? This box can be taken anywhere and has everything you need right inside! And this isn’t the only container that is going to change your life! Shop all of my favorite containers below that will contain those things in your life that need containing!

Xx Tara

My Favorite Containers
Okay, my obsession with convenient containers might be a little too strong but I'm not mad about it! Things like this just make life a little easier. This 4-piece pack comes with varying sizes of containers perfect for powders, snacks, vitamins, chewy nerds, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, skittles - you get what I'm saying!
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At first glance, these look a little sketchy. They're made from food-grade silicone, are slender, ⁠soft and durable...ok, I'm not helping. But seriously though, these TSA Approved Leak Proof Travel Containers are the perfect way to transport your shampoos, conditioners, and lotions when you travel. Unlike other travel containers, these aren't weirdly shaped. You can squeeze almost all product out of them or roll them from the bottom to get every last drop. And you need these because most hotel shampoo sucks.
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Clear, organized food containers...because broken, squished, boxes of cereal most certainly do not spark joy. Why is the look of a pretty, clean, organized pantry the most invigorating experience?! I've tried a few different food organization containers throughout the years, and these are definitely my favorite! Clear is a MUST for me (hello, gotta see what's in there!) and the lids allow for stacking, which is also a must! Get a jump start on your spring cleaning with these bad boys.
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Pill boxes - fueling an OCD need to organize everything in sight one tiny compartment at a time. While you can definitely use this for their intended purpose, pills, they are also great for storing all the tiny things! Use these to organize earrings when traveling, safety pins, or other odds and ends! I keep bobby pins, elastics, and hair coils in mine! Perfect for all the little stuff you just don't know what else to do with. Plus, I found a better pill case. Trust me, this one is best used for those things that sit in the bottom of your purse.
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Life hack: throw everything you can't find a place for in these and shove them under your bed. Jk, I think Braun might leave me and not look back if I pulled that stunt! But these really are a great storage solution for extra linens, towels, blankets, and well, anything! They've got the same clear top as my favorite smaller storage bins, but are much bigger and store a ton! Great price for great quality too!
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This is absolutely one of my most asked about storage solutions. If getting organized is one of your goals for the new year, you're going to want to buy 1 (or 50!) of these! This thing is a GAME CHANGER! Don't let the name fool you, while I am sure it is great for organizing photos, it's even better at organizing car consoles, random junk drawer odds & ends, and basically all those tiny things you just don't know what the heck to do with! If you need an idea of how to use this clutter keeper, head to my personal page on Instagram and click on my "Organize Me" highlight bubble!
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I just love when things are neat, functional, and pretty. Since I posted those stories, I've gotten several questions about my favorite containers. I seriously wish I would've found these ages ago - they're so much better than the typical white lid bin! They're clear all the way around, including the lid, so you know exactly what's in them, they stack and fit together perfectly, and they're great size for so many household items. I love these! And yes, they are intended for you could use them for that as well!
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Don't knock it til you try it! If you've got little girls and you're not storing hair supplies in your kitchen, you might want to reevaluate your life choices. Seriously, keeping this thing packed full of hair bands, combs, and clips has changed our morning routine, and saved us from being late to church and other activities a time or ten. It's $15 and it's got the perfect amount of space and dividers for everything you need for your girls' hair!
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I've taken up beading with my daughters this past year and it has been amazing! The downside? BEADS ARE EXPENSIVE! At least the ones that come sorted in their own individual packets. So I buy the mixed colors. The big ole tub of beads that comes with every conceivable color. We love the variety but it sucks when you're looking for beads that match! I picked up this storage kit so my girls could sort their favorites and have them on hand instead of having to find them every single time.
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I got 48 problems, and not having the right polish color ain't one of 'em. This case is the best if you're a bit of a beauty junky! It fits 97% of bottles and stores on its side with the handle out so bottles are always upright. It also has adjustable dividers so you can store files, clippers, and whatever else you might need for a little at-home mani, in one long compartment.
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I bought these at Costco on a whim and they've been so handy! I use them to tote my purchases to and from my car, carry groceries, run things to goodwill, and all sorts of stuff. Then, when they're not in use, they fold up nice and flat! It's like storage that does double duty!
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Do you ever see something and wonder how the heck someone created something so simple yet so genius?! Hello, GoTubbs! I absolutely love these! The perfect size for snacks, knick knacks, change, you name it AND the best part - they open with one hand with just a little squeeze. Guys, I'm telling you these are genius! Bonus - they're carry on approved and completely food safe so they're perfect for travel snacks!
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This is the container that goes in your most prized container - your purse! This purse organizer is good enough to give Marie Kondo butterflies. Before I took the plunge and ordered this pretty thing, my purse was basically a black pit of despair. Mamas, I know you can relate! With a pocket for everything you need (and everything you don't!) this organizer can transform even the messiest of bags! Plus, this fits a million designer bags and they give you dimensions of all 8 sizes and 12 colors so you can find the one that best fits your purse!
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It took me almost 2 weeks to find more of my battery containers after you guys sold it out when I posted it on my account back in November! I'm the girl who likes order and organization for the messy things in my life. Loose batteries half wrapped in their plastic wrap or banging around in drawers leave me guessing if they've been used or not is not my idea of a good time. Keeping them in this container ensures that anything I pull out of here is fully charged. It's like having a first-aid kit for all your new toys come Christmas morning - and I hope most of you picked one up before the big day! Did I mention it's $3?
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One way to never forget those pills and vitamins you should probably be taking daily is to store them with other things you routinely grab for. So in this little case, I've got migraine medicine, digestive enzymes, chewable vitamin C, gum, Benadryl, name it and I've probably got it stashed here somewhere. Plus it folds up small, has compartments on both sides, and comes in a pack of 5.
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This may not be what you were thinking when I mentioned storage but this is one container I couldn't live without. There’s nothing more agonizing than trying to untangle a nice necklace that’s been knotted up with everything but the kitchen sink. This travel jewelry box saves me every time! Perfect little compartments for everything from earrings to necklaces and keeps all my favorites super safe every time. An absolute must-have for your travels.
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As much as I love TSA violating the contents of my purse when I travel, these see-through pouches have changed the game for flying! Travel size everything fits right inside each pouch so they can quickly pass through security (even internationally!) without issue! No more holding up the line to prove your hand lotion is explosive-free! All 3 for less than $10!
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These things are small but mighty! I use these to store playing cards, SD cards for my camera, mini first aid kits for my kid's backpacks, drawer organizers, and a ton more! They're super handy, clear so you can see the contents, and are great on the go!
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While I realize this is a very first-world problem, it still is in fact, a problem. Messy, tangled cords are basically the bane of my existence. This cord organizer is made of neoprene so it's super durable, keeps all my cords organizes and tangle-free, and let's be honest, seeing one less cord laying half-broken behind a couch might just save your sanity!
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I know, I had to get this one on here! This thing is my lifeline when I'm working or traveling. haha It carries my Anker battery, my Samsung SSD Hard Drive, and my smaller computer charger. It really does keep me in business. When you're a tech junkie like I am cords, chargers, batteries, hard drives...they can all become a mess. But I know if I grab this thing, that I've got everything I need to stay in business and get things done!
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