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If I’m honest, I don’t feel totally dressed until I have jewelry on. I often think of my jewelry as the foundation of my outfits. In recent years, I’ve really spent time curating the pieces I own to include high-end pieces with less expensive classic pieces. There’s no denying, however, that there are some pieces I love more than others and I was recently gifted some pieces from a new brand that I’m absolutely loving!

Victoria Emerson reached out to me asking if they could send me some pieces to try out and when I saw their website and learned that they mainly sold bracelets, I immediately said yes! I pretty much have my necklace game on point, but my arm stack has been severely lacking! Some really, truly awesome things come stacked: Pringles, Jenga, those mini body glitter containers, and it’s been something I want to invest in for some time!

I’ve been so in love with the pieces that I got and I wanted to give you an up-close look!



Bracelet stacking is pretty much a you-do-you endeavor. And while I don’t want to quash your creative vision, keeping the bulkier bracelets on the snugger, more delicate side will prevent them from slipping off or looking unbalanced. Also, if you’re planning to stack multiple stone-centric bracelets like a boss, consider keeping them separated—stones can scratch other stones. The same goes for other stones near spiky or otherwise weapon-like bracelets. Scratch city.

What I love about these bracelets is how smooth the stone-work is! These are the types of bracelets you can slip on and forget about. + they don’t wear weird with my Apple Watch!


• • •

There’s a very small—but very important—difference between having a curated rainbow on your arms and looking like you robbed a Lisa Frank store: theme. I love to stick to a single color family, like pastels, primaries, or brights. It makes the layering more intentional and styled.

Another fun way to wear them is by tying a scarf or a bandanna between your bracelets to add texture and color. You can also offset thinner pieces with a few thick cuffs so the jewelry doesn’t get lost in all that fabric. Victoria Emerson makes some beautiful (and I mean BEAUTIFUL!!!) double wrap cuffs! They really are amazing!

And you guys are in luck because through tomorrow, Victoria Emerson has their Labor Day Sale where everything site-wide is 50% OFF! No special codes needed! Go check them out and then tell me below how you’re improving your stack!

Xx Tara

Thank you, Victoria Emerson for sponsoring this post and helping me improve my wrist stack!

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